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Monday, August 17, 2015

Letter #36

JUNE 8, 2015

This week was good.  Its weird cause I feel like I get to write you guys so much.  I feel like I’m just writing you guys like every other day.  Maybe from now on Ill just do it every other week. Well but this is the first time that I have written Sophie.  Jenna always wanted to have a sister right?  But hey Sophie don’t feel bad if you want to call off the wedding to go and serve a mission.  Stick to the iron rod.  HAha jk that would suck.  Plus you are already trapped in the Miles family.  But Jenna should think about a mission.  That wouldn’t be bad.

Sounds like Jayden & Sophie will be close by in Mexico for their honeymoon. Well, just make sure to keep away from the narcs.  It seems that there is a bit of a problem with that here in Huehue. And it’s a problem because we are close to Mexico. Lots of pot gets grown down in Momostenango.  There are literally mountains of it actually.

Well this week not much has happened.  I went ahead and took some anti parasite stuff and now I feel like 100% better.  I will start doing exercises tomorrow hopefully.  It’s just nice knowing that I now don’t have things living inside of me.  That is not even the highlight.

I went and did divisions with the elders in my district.  I went way back up in the mountains to see how their area was.  I had been trying to get out there for a long time but the bus ride is like 1.5 hours and the bus doesnt come or go very often.  So out in the mountains I was with the best people again.  The poor people of the mountains that speak just about only Kiche.  I felt like I was at home with the people and we joked and I got to practice a lot of my Kiche.  It was super fun getting to be out there.  My comp is from the capital of the Guatemala.  They majority of the people who are from the cap are super racist against the poor people of the mountains.  They call them inditos. And my comp literally told me that the people from the cap are better in lots of ways.  It turns out that I love the little culture of the people of the mountains here in Guatemala.  I have never been able to get along with the super prideful people of the cities that look down on everyone here.  I just hope that I can get back out to the middle of nowhere as soon as possible.  Even if the people out there are very unknowing of the outside world, their world is better than the one that the rest of the other areads.

In this little town called Pueblo Viejo there are only two houses that have lights.  At night the people will gather up in the 2 houses with lights or they just go to bed around 730.  There is only one bus that passes by the town.  One at 4 in the morning and it comes back at 1230 midday.  Most of the people live of the land in pure substance farming style.  They almost only grow maize.  I made quick friends and I hope to visit the place at least one more time before I get lowered as district leader.

The work in my area has begun to progress really fast.  All of the numbers in progressing and dates for baptism double so that is weird.  The real thing that I like is that there are lots of people who we are friends with that genuinely want to listen to us.  We are teaching a little family from Honduras.  I love the way that they talk haha.  It’s super different and really interesting.  Other than that the people are really normal guatemaltecos.  Nothting different.  Just fighting the evangelical and catholic backgrounds.

That made me laugh to hear that the chime infront of the house is still there.  I totally forgot about that.  I hope you guys cry every time that you hear it haha.  jk.  But is it really loud?

The food situation is difficult right now.  I’m having a hard time with some of the food. It is so fatty and it has hardly any flavor.  I don’t mind just eating beans and eggs every time that we end up eating at people’s houseas.  Also, most people never eat or serve vegetables.  There are a lot of overweight people in Guatemala.  They eat a lot of stews that are just fatty meats and like some carrot thrown in for flavor.  Then there are always tortillas made of maize on the side.  Always.  Doesn’t matter what you eat.  The people also think that we always eat bread.  Its funny because they think that because people from the capital of guate don’t eat much tortilla because its a poor thing.  I just explain to them that we just usually eat food without bread or tortillas on the side.  That’s how it is right?  Sometimes we eat rolls I guess.  Or like crazy bread from Little Caesars or something… haha.

The whole spiritual growth thing has been good!  It’s just that I have been sick for a long time.  So the whole body is a temple of the spirit thing is now a strong part of my testimony.  Hopefully that means that I never get lazy enough to let myself go haha. I feel like the testimony of most people here that are members is based on the restoration.  I feel like its base on the plan of salvation a lot more for me.  The thing that counts to me is that the basics are really getting pounded down.  Things just make more sense in the gospel these days.

Happy bday Sophie!

Well guys that was my week.  Miss you guys and hope i just thought about how the next time I see you I will have like 15-16 monthes in the field.  Cool beans.  Hope that everything goes well.
Hopefully Jonny is doing well.  He didn’t write so i don’t know if he was just erased due to a glitch in the matrix.

Love you guys!!!

Elder Miles

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