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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Letter #35

June 1, 2015

So today its p-day again.  I feel like the time only seems to move super fast like this on the p-days for some reason.  Everything seems to just be speeding up more and more though.  They tell me that once I have only a year left it will go by even faster.  I have no idea how the time could fly even faster.

Seeing that picture of myself back in DC made me feel really good about myself haha!.   I feel like the same person that I was when I left just a little more refined.  Refined spiritually of course.

This week we are feeling a ton better.  My comp took some anti bacterial stuff and now feels better.  I am feeling a lot better but I haven’t taken anything.  I don’t know if that means that the animalitos inside of me are just happy or if that means that my body is super cool and I can fight off all kinds of parasites without medication.  I have some medicine in the house called nitazoxanida.  Hey dad if you could look at that and then tell me if I should take it or not that would be stellar. 

I haven’t gotten my birthday package yet.  I should be getting it this Wednesday.  That would be the soonest that it could have possible come.  We will see if I get it or if it is still in one piece.  I cant tell you how many packages get here after 3 months and how many packages just don’t get here so Im not getting my hopes too far up there.

So on my birthday I did this   
I got up at 600 to get ready.
Went to a wedding here in Malacas.  It was a wedding for one of the areas in my district.  They did it here because the lawyer couldn’t make it all the way out to the missionaries aldea.  The wedding the two people getting married were 18 and the guy was a member.  The girl wanted to get baptized too so she got married.  It was a room of like 15 people attending the wedding and it was super simple.  The guy wore jeans and a sweater and the girl just wore here traditional corte garb.
I then got to do my first baptismal interview.  That was interesting and the girl passed as there werent any problems.  It was weird being the one to do the interview.
My comp bought me cake and we ate a little bit before going to a cita with a progressing investigator. 
The rest of the day was just normal.  The president of the mission called to congratulate me.  i hate getting calls from the president just cause I have no clue what he is going to do.  Give me a new calling, move me areas, chew me out for something.  Scary stuff but he just said happy bday.  
We ended the day just ordering food to the house and I ate a hamburger mixta that had chicken and burger, and a mango strawberry smoothie.  Super rica

So the house is infested with spiders.  They are all about the size of a 50 cent piece.  If not then the leg span is bigger.  I hate spider’s sooooo much.  One almost bit me today and freaked me the freak out.  I was just picking up a bible and the thing jumped at me to try and kill me.  I wanted to burn the house and the go back to the US for just a sec there.  I have killed 6 spider of this specie in the past 2 days including today.  I have seen 7 of them.  DO THE MATH.  There is a giant freaking spider in my room and I will not sleep until it is dead.

Today we have money again because it’s the beginning of the month.  That’s good news for me hehehe.  I think I’m getting a little more lax with the money spending on foods.  I have been eating well but that is making it hard on my budget.  Time to tighten up the screws.

I don’t have to worry about district meetings this week or next week, which is nice.  I talked about faith in the meeting last week and I used just a little bit of what i learned from lectures on faith.  Most of the meetings are spent talking about stuff in PMG that we read everyday.  I wanted to spice things up just a little bit and actually teach the district some new stuff.

It seems like Jenna is taking some pretty crazy classes over there for her last year of school.  I’ve heard that ap art history is a killer.  Good stuff sissy lin.  I just thought about how Jenna will be on the same level of education as me when I get back.  That’s super weird.  Two years seems like a longer time now haha!  I can’t let my little sis get smarter than me!  And now jonny is going to be a sophmore when I get back.  That’s some super weird stuff.

I have been doing lots of study in 4 gospels of the New Testament. I have just been meaning to read it again and be ready to teach stuff from it. I read the Book of Mormon every day in studies as well and then I use Preaching My Gospel to get rid of the problems that I can see with my teaching and with how I work.  I was reading in Alma 32 today and my comp and I discussed 2 nefi 27 and 28 today for comp study.  Really it all comes down to that I study what the spirit tells me to study.  This is to answer Jayden’s question.

Well there is basically nothing new from this week.  sooooo umm ya.

Love you guys!!!


ps ill get the foto of myself in the suit to you guys on this next pday.

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