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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Letter #34

May 25, 2015

So I’m going to do a day by day of how my week went.  Monday was pday of course and we had nothing to do because we are trapped in a very small town.  We slept and ate some food that seemed not so sketchy from a restaurant.  It was ok.  Tuesday I conducted the district meeting and we had a good time.  I made it into like a forum and that got everyone talking about the work and useful experiences.  After we all hung out for a bit and got to know each other more.  I wanted to leave this zone before because nobody was friends.  Now, I don’t want to leave because everyone is tight.

Miercoles.  We did lots of lessons and contacting in the street in between.  I had to stay up late taking stats from the areas.

We had to go to Xela for a leaders meeting.  It was like 6 hours in a chair just listening about leadership responsibilities.  We got home at like 7 and my comp got sick.  We did go to one cita at 8 pm.

Friday I had to go to a leaders meeting in Huehue. 

Saturday was very slow.  My comp was sick all day and so I was just in the house doing............. waiting haha.  I hate being cramped up in a house when I cant do anything fun.  No friends no games no nothing.  Did some planning for the investigators and slept a lot.  BAd day.

Sunday.   My comp was sick still so we went to church and then just up to the house.  Lots of nothing once again.  My comp was not doing well at all.

Today we went to Huehue early to get Aguirre into some tests for parasites.  He has parasites!  He has been dying for the past little while.  The thing is that I am sure that I have parasites too.  I just don’t have intestinal infection so the symptoms aren’t so bad.  Well later we went to my district activity.  We played some volleyball and a type of soccer (we aren’t allowed to play soccer). and then that game signs.  It was way fun and then we went to McDonalds.  I’m in Huehue right now in a fairly modern shopping center.  The district is doing great and the work is fine as long as your comp isn’t super sick.

For only being able to really work for a few days we did pretty well.  I think that my teaching is getting better as I have more examples and scriptures and stuff.  I just try to make sure that I don’t teach in the same way twice.  I just to at least change up the scriptures and focus with every lesson.

I did a fast just to try to increase my faith in the work and love for the people.  I’m probably going to be doing that more often these days.  That’s ok though cause the first step to repentance is to accept that something is not ok.  The mission is weird in how there are times of lots of spiritual progression and then there are easy times in the mission.  I love being here but I feel like when I get home I’ll be dropping a ton of bricks from my shoulders when I get back.  I don’t know if you guys know what I mean since every mission is different.

I have some great friends in the zone and my comp and I get along real well.  The other district leader is a cool guy from Panama.  I love talking to him just cause I don’t know if I have ever met anyone like him haha.  His comp is from New York and is a cool kid as well.  He is choosing between the Y and the U.  I would be happy to go to school with this kid over in the U.  My comp and I have a good time together.  I just wish the kid wasn’t sick.  It makes me baggie being in the house so much.

SO Jayden is going to get married.  I hope you know that that is the same week that I will finish a year in the mission.  Que semana mas baggie haha!  No that should be super cool.   Dude good choice on the ring.  That is definitely a tradition that the girls in this ward are going to keep around.  A free ring and man slave haha!  Well that whole marriage thing is going to be weird just cause by the time I get back I could be an uncle.  Ya please don’t do that to me ahha.  Getting married is fine.  I even expected it.  Just don’t give me a nephew.  You guys should make a cut out for me so that I can be at your wedding in the form of cardboard haha!  That would be some good stuff. Well good luck with all of that stuff.  I should be attending a wedding this Saturday.  I will then do a baptismal interview after so that the wife can get baptized on the same day.   Super cool stuff.

I can imagine perfectly seeing you guys watching the home videos.  It is so cool that we have that kind of stuff. Hopefully I will have some better stories for next week but really not much has happened during this week.

Is Jenna and Jonny out of school yet?  That is way more fun than just being caught in a class for 8 hours a day.  Jonny is going to be a freshman and Jenna a senior.  How weird is the world that existed for me like 10 months ago.

My health is fine dad.  I have a treaty between the parasite army inside of me.  So as long as I eat lots of carbs they will be happy.

I hope that you guys have a great week!!

Love you guys!!!

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