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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Letter #33

May 4 , 2015 

This change has only this week left!  It has flown by and felt like a million days at the same time.  Time is starting to feel a little bit like what it felt like when I was back home.  Things feel just a little bit more normal this week for some reason.  The work is always little by little.  That’s ok though I have gotten used to that.  

The president did interviews with all the 50ish missionaries of Huehue this week.  It is always a cool thing to get to talk to the Pres for a little bit.  He is a super nice guy and I don’t know if this guy even knows what doubt is.  He has a super strong testimony and is good with the scriptures.  At the end of the interview he asked me if I wanted a blessing and then gave me one.  It was a pretty cool blessing and he talked about some cool stuff.  He talked about pre-existence abilities.  Pretty crazy stuff goes done with the pres.  I feel like the guy is just a servant beyond a faith that I understand right know.  Crazy stuff.

This week I don’t feel like we were able to get much done.  We don’t really have any new investigators that are interested and the ones that we are trying to teach seem to be running out of the desire to listen to a couple of kids.  The people here are different from those in Xela.  They are better at hiding from us and giving us the usual stuff that people give so that we can’t have citas with them.  That’s fine though ahha!  The work is what it is.  So the best we can do now is just do some searching and keep trying to teach those who are reading and attending church with us.  A few of our investigators are moms who aren’t married so that makes things more difficult.  But hey my only convert had to get married as well and he just went out and did it on his own after we told him he had to get married to his wife.  Anything can happen

The president of the branch taught all of the elders how to give blessings during the priesthood meeting this Sunday.  It was super funny seeing how some of the converts had the tendency to say things differently and try to bless differently.  Hey have you guys ever heard of kash luna?  He is like the richest pastor in the world and is a self-proclaimed prophet.  He is an apostasy of choice for many of the guatemaltecos.  Turns out he started his own church after serving an lds mission.  Now he gives speeches in a stadium that he owns and leaves his cult sessions in a helicopter ahha!!   I can just see my career paths opening up.  Haha!

Thanks for sending the backpack!! It should be here by June.  The mission office takes longer than the mail here.  Also I just sent some cool stuff home.  I have a gift for dad, jayden, jonny in there.  The three of you guys can pick out of the 3 ties that are similar.  There is a red and black one that is mine and a multi color one that is tightly threaded.  The other three are hand made wipil that are really some of the best ties that I have seen.  Now I have to send those ties in to be handmade so these are not things you will find in a store down here.  Also the book is for Jayden.  For a happy finishing your mish thing.  Sorry I didn’t send you anything mom!!  There isn’t any cool typical stuff here.  I was looking for a bag or something but it turned out to be expensive to send stuff too...  Ill find something for you by Christmas or something!

Hey dad Ill think about the nap thing haha!  That might be the best thing to do at 1 in the tarde cause things can get super hot out here.  The rain season did start though.  SO its sunny and hot until like 3 in the tarde and then it just pours and pours rain into the night.  I am getting good use of that Mr. mac jacket.  Also an umbrella haha. It just started raining just like 2 seconds ago sooo haha.  I am going to get wet when I’m done with internet. 

SO the Skype thing is going to happen around 3-5 in the afternoon I think.  On the Sunday.  We will see what happens because we are looking for a place to be able to do it in.  I might call you just to see what we have to do to set things up before we are chatting.  Im pretty excited.

Happy bday jonny!!!!!!!!!!!!! 14 years old.  That’s pretty weird stuff.  Ill be 19 pretty soon here haha!

When Jenna said janbo I was like.... Oh that woould be sooooo good.  The corn tortilla daily is nice but Id like some more variety.

The home life seems pretty busy and I feel like not too much is going on down here.  Just talking to people and trying to get them to read n stuff.  We did buy some slingshots so that the trips to the farther out places would be more safe and a little more fun.  Those wild dogs better look out.

Wellll I love you guys!!!

Elder Miles

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