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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Letter #32

April 27, 2015

So this week was just about the same as the last.  It’s weird how even though I am in Guatemala doing interesting work everyday it can seem to be just like daily tasks.  I honestly don’t feel like there is anything new to share with you guys.  Also I hit nine month’s on the 23rd that passed.

So we did a lot of work.  Taught lessons and got to know members.  Always inviting people to do good things and helping them to have the push they need in order to do what they are supposed to. There is a huge line between obligating people to do stuff and teaching them.  

There is a totally drunk crazy old guy talking to be right now.  It’s actually super funny.  It’s weird how I have gotten accustomed to just the weirdest most scary looking people in the world.  This dude is just talking about how he has never been to the states.  I told him that I was born in California and that I live in Utah (I like saying California because it helps the people to relate to me if they know where I come from.)  His accent is hard to understand because he is super drunk and very old.  His shirt is open and his chest is covered with hair.  The hair is gray and black and I am describing it because it is just in my face.  He started to talk to my comp about how the capital is nice.  A guy just told me that this guy is drunken man and half monkey because of his hair.  He is telling us a story about how he was a singer in a band over in the capital. (Guatemala City) He actually just sang a part of one of his songs to us haha.  I guess he can relate with my comp because they both lived in the capital.  The dude is just super weird.  An anomaly that can only be found in Guatemala.  I gave him 1 Quetzal knowing that that was what he wanted.  I did it just so he would leave so that I could focus on writing.

Happy bday mom!!!  My gift is that I will be skyping you in about 2 weeks.  Love you tons.

Something else that we did was pick avocados from the wild.  One of the members led us to a huge tree of avocados.  We spent a half hour just getting them down.  My comp climbed the tree and I handed him a huge stick so that he could knock them down.  I would then catch them and put them into my bag.  We ended up with 44 free avocados.  They are huge and they will be ready to eat soon. Super cool stuff.  I have gotten wild banana and avocado from Malaca’s now.

I need a new backpack.  I have been having back problems.  The mattress is horrible and hiking miles everyday is taking a toll on my body.  The side bag is amazing for the city and rain for quicker trips but my back hurts.  That bag is something cheap, a little ugly, but I am sure that it is durable.  If I buy from Guate I will need a new bag every month.  They only sell fake backpacks that are not going to last at all.  If you guys don’t like the backpack that is fine.  I don’t have tons of time to be searching for a bag on amazon these days (amazon is of the gods just btw.)  That could be my birthday thing.  Please just get it out when you can. Please please please.  Ties and tie clip would be nice too... I am trying to put a smily face here but this isn’t an english keyboard it spanish settings.

So the rama is getting super close to getting its chapel.  I think that they should start building it before the summer ends.  I think we may have helped with the church attendance but really the help from other wards over in Huehue is helping a ton.  This is the last area in the 3 stakes of Huehue that does not have a church so I hope the good people get one.  It would help with the missionary work too.  God’s kingdom is not usually administered from within a house.  Even if it is the nicest house in malacas.

Technology in the mission.  Cell phone from nokia.  The brick kind.  Its rock solid man.   Also we have a small portable dvd player.  I dont think that the Central America missions with ever have nice stuff.  People would take it from us and we would be actual targets.  I dont even take out my camera, an ipad would just be like telling everyone that Id love to get robbed.

We arent allowed to leave our areas on pdays.  We arent allowed to form a group as a zone..  We get one pday a change to do an activity.  Very restrictive.  Man Id love to drink a mountain dew or coca cola right about now..  No caffine whatsoever.  Formal clothes on pdays as well.  No but we just follow the rules as much as possible.  my comp has been sick all this week so there should be a little slack since we dont get help from nurses in the mission.  They would only recommend ¨pepto and ibuprofen and water¨

We dont cope with the heat.  We just get burned and sweaty haha!  Sometimes we take a quick break and lay down on the tile floor for a little while ahhha.  We drink water as well.  We would use umbrella but we would look like testigos de jehova.  

We walk all the time.  The only time we use bus is to go to Huehue.  At times we do use tuctuc.  You will just have to look up what is tuctuc.  

I stay healthy through pure divine magic haha.  No I just try to not eat cookies and eat lots of fruit when I can get my hands on it.  Milk every week and we eat a big lunch everyday with one of the sisters that is in our area.  

I use the purifier often. I should probably change the filter by now actually...  we do buy a couple of 5 gallon tanks to just have clean water in the house.

There are no bugs here other than flies.  There isnt any water source here so there aren’t mosquitos.  I have only see maybe 3 in the 4 weeks that I have been here.  There are fleas though ahah!!  I just make sure to chemically bathe my mattress every couple of weeks.  It seems to work sometimes but there are lots of wild dogs and dust here.

The branch members are amazing.  They love to talk bad about one another behind each others backs but I just think that that is part of the culture.  All of the women in the town just love soap opera.  They watch it every day and for hours if they can.  

I just told my comp that they were splitting the stake in my hometown.  He was like ¨what the freak.¨   That is the linguistic impact the missionaries leave on the latino comps and members haha!

The comp and i are doing well together.  We have only argued two times and they were little issues.  It has actually made the companionship a little stronger.  Both times I just decided to stop talking and apologize.  Sometimes I think that the latin soap operas and real life to these people.  Learning patients and we have a good time laughing and talking together.  We watch church movies every night and we get work done every day.  Good life skills being learned.

We are in the search for a good internet cafe with the stuff we need to be able to skype.  I am thinking that we may have to skype Saturday.  Maybe skype Saturday over in Huehue. 

Jayden has been home for like 2 months already.  That’s weird stuff.

Good stuff woop woop ahah.  Im happy safe and spiritual.  Its like EFY for 2 years only you don’t have to deal with little kids.

Love you guys!

Elder Miles

April 20, 2015

This little pueblo is doing just fine.  It could be a little bit more fresco but the rain season is coming.  Then it will rain every day for about 4 hours or longer.  So I don’t know if I want the rain or the sun haha.  That’s cool that you can get to know my little town just from the other side of the planet.  And yes, I am only two hours north of Xela but now we are closer to the Mexican desert and lower in elevation.

That snowstorm out of nowhere is a total Utah thing haha.  I’m pretty sure that kind of thing only happens out there.

Speaking of strawberry bust, my comp and I eat choco frescas almost everyday.  They are super tasty.

Ohhh, we did end up having to give 6 blessing of health in 24 hours.  That was pretty cool.  There were four with investigators and two with members.  Also, I got to bless a Patriarch one time and I thought he was going to die.  He was shaking and super old.  The next day, the old guy was up and walking around.  Stuff is crazy

Hope that the week goes well for you


Elder Miles

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