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Friday, April 17, 2015

Letter #31

 On preparation day there is not a whole lot to do here. We just bought our water and we cleaned the house in the morning.  Soooooo....I hope that the zone leaders put something together so that we a can have a fun p-day.

The area here is a lot hotter so I have been super tired lately.  I am just trying to drink a lot water and stay in the shaded parts of the street when I can.

Hey I am writing my buddy Bickmore as well right now haha.  It's so weird that he is over in California.  It's probably good for me to be farther away. But he will be able to visit his converts which is really cool.  
dusty road :)
 It's weird to think that in a year this will all feel more like a dream than in feels like a dream right now.  I feel like these two weeks being here have just flown by.  I don't even remember all the stuff we have been doing.  I'm trying to get the names down of everyone still.  We are finding tons of people to teach.  This is the last area that doesn't have a chapel for its members.  The branch had an astistencia (attendance) of 31 this week and I am hoping that we can really put some permanent changes in the area.  I feel kind of like a fish out of water right now just because I have been meeting so many people in the past couple of days.  Also with opening a new area and new companion it has been weird. Super cool though!

We eat lunch everyday with a member.  She makes some really good food.  The only problem is the mountain that we have to hike up every day so that we can get to lunch takes some effort.  It is a huge incline!  It is going to be super hard to do during the rainy season.... hahah! 

So my comp and I are the the branch counselors.  We work as the secretaries as well.  We work on the tithing every week and we are going to be helping all of the auxiliaries of the church as well.  We will make sure visits are done as well as getting everyone on board with doing the missionary work too.  
My companion, Elder Aguirre is working hard and is doing a lot of good things for the rama.  Its good to see someone who works like this guy.  He is everybody's friend but he also works very hard.  He is from the capital of Guate.  He is different from the other latinos in that he has pisto haha.
This town is suuuuper Catholic but we are hoping to find somebody that would really be okay with going swimming in the pila bautismal.

It's true that the people here are just as happy even though they have less!  

Love you Dad and Mom! 

Elder Miles

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