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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Letter #31

March 30, 2015

 Hey Family, So this week has been a little crazy.  We have been working a ton with our great guy Kevin and his family.  His baptism was on the Saturday, the 28th.  He wanted me to baptize him so I was honored to do it.  I have never heard of a person being so prepared and willing to be baptized.  It shocked the ward too.  Everything we taught just stuck with him and we just had a good relationship with him all the way through.  I found him with Elder Thorne and was able I to help him to get baptized.  I don’t even feel like I saw that much of a change.  He was just so ready and awesome to work with.  He told me ¨You cant leave until you baptize me!”  His son Daniel was baptized on the same day by my companion Elder Solorzano.  It was a good day!  They have fed us lunch and dinner for the past like 3 days now haha!!  The best part is that they are talking about how I will come back in a year to see them be sealed in the temple!  They sent a picture of the baptism to Jayden over facebook.  Kevin from Guatemala is bien buena onda.  Acceptáme converso jiote.

 Soooo, I have changes.  But, I don’t know where I am going yet.  It could be like 6 hours from Xela or just on the other side of Xela.  I have no clue where I am going.  I have my stuff packed up mostly and I’m ready to live in the middle of nowhere again.  7th cambio (transfer) of the mission.  There are 17. I’m on my 5th comp and third area.  We will see what happens.  I’ll tell you guys next Monday if there is sliced bread in my area and if they speak Spanish haha!!  My zone has been super cool as well so it stinks to be saying goodbye to these guys.  Every companionship in my zone except for 2 has changes.  6 are leaving and 6 are coming.  I actually hope to be out in the middle of nowhere again.  Things are more interesting out there haha.  I will be leaving my foto with a bunch of families and have one last dinner with Kevin and his family.  It’s also time to say some goodbyes to the members.  

Dad, it you don’t take it easy with work I might never have to put you in a rest home.  Working like a horse is for horses.  I am super happy that you work so hard so that I can be out here though.  A million thanks.  The mission is treating me very well and I am so grateful that you are putting me through this.  Love you tons!

Mom, Its awesome hearing all about what is going on at home from you.  I get a good picture of what is going on.  I don’t like that Zoe died.  I love you tons mom.  Don’t worry about the changes.  I am going where I am meant to go, to see the things I need to see and do the things I am meant to do.

Jayman!!  That your job sounds sick.  

Jenjen!  Just keep killing it in your high school years!!!!!! Love you tons

Jonny.  That campout sounds super sick.  I love hearing how life is good for you right now.  Keep jamming on those drums every day and when I get back we are going to jam out pretty hard.

Zoe.  RIP

Roxy.  Your next

Charlie.  Immortal

Love you guys

Elder Joshua Gilbert Miles

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