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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Letter #29

March 9, 2015

This last week was an absolute blur.  I honestly don’t remember most of what happened.  I have been so tired and focused on just working that I don’t remember anything.  I am so tired these days.  We have just been working super hard down here.  We do one of three things; contact in the street, go to citas, or try to set something up with members.  This week was a little more tiring from the walking.  A lot of citas fell through.  That means that we walked a ton! haha.  I don’t mind it.  The work is just the work these days.  The semanas are just blurs and what changes is me.  I just watch the little things that change with me and try to make improvements rather than take steps backwards.

This week one of my favorite families we visit is moving.  Death threats from the husband and the police doesn't help.  This was one of the less active families that were super nice.  They spoke Kiche and the wife raises their 4 kids by selling fruit in the market.  I bought some of their corte/fabric only found in Guatemala so that I could make a tie and have something to remember them by.  We used to joke around with the little Kiche that I know.  They are super cool people.  

We are working with members a lot these days.  I just gotta find out what these people need so that they can help us out. 

We have a great investigator!  He is super cool! He is so nice and has great questions.  Its always like a breath of fresh air when we have a cita with him and his family.  The day can be super hard but the promise of a good lesson in the night is always a plus.  His name is Kevin Gomez.  He is a good dude.

We are teaching a guy who is a lawyer.  He works so often that we get like 1 lesson a week with him but he is super cool.  His BOM is super marked up with red pen.  He is super smart and he questions just make sense and he is great to teach.  He even can tell us a little about what he is learning for the cases that he is working.

We are having success in teaching English at last!!! Like 8 people showed up last time.  I just teach basic English and then after an hour we finish with a Mormon message or a principle of the gospel.  Good stuff.

Watched Johnny Lingo with my comp last night.  That’s a pretty sick movie.  My comp and I get along super well.  We just go from cita to cita laughing about other churches or some weird thing that Guatemalans do.  We know more Kiche than the average Xelateco so we can tell some pretty funny jokes without others understanding.  You guys should see how how many other churches are with their congregations money!  A lot of people lose so much money by having to pay to go to their services. It's pretty sad.  

Well Jayman! I just hope that you guys have a safe flight home when the time comes.  I have no clue how long you guys are going to be in Spain.  Still just take care haha!  And jenna and jonny just party on.  Just don't break the house while the 4 of us aren't home.  

We work super hard and in the night I am pretty sure that I have never slept soooo sound haha!  I just have to lay down for two seconds and Im out for the night.  Finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and am still just reading that like crazy!

Love you guys!

Elder Miles (The last of my species in the immediate family)

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