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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Letter #29

March 9, 2015

This last week was an absolute blur.  I honestly don’t remember most of what happened.  I have been so tired and focused on just working that I don’t remember anything.  I am so tired these days.  We have just been working super hard down here.  We do one of three things; contact in the street, go to citas, or try to set something up with members.  This week was a little more tiring from the walking.  A lot of citas fell through.  That means that we walked a ton! haha.  I don’t mind it.  The work is just the work these days.  The semanas are just blurs and what changes is me.  I just watch the little things that change with me and try to make improvements rather than take steps backwards.

This week one of my favorite families we visit is moving.  Death threats from the husband and the police doesn't help.  This was one of the less active families that were super nice.  They spoke Kiche and the wife raises their 4 kids by selling fruit in the market.  I bought some of their corte/fabric only found in Guatemala so that I could make a tie and have something to remember them by.  We used to joke around with the little Kiche that I know.  They are super cool people.  

We are working with members a lot these days.  I just gotta find out what these people need so that they can help us out. 

We have a great investigator!  He is super cool! He is so nice and has great questions.  Its always like a breath of fresh air when we have a cita with him and his family.  The day can be super hard but the promise of a good lesson in the night is always a plus.  His name is Kevin Gomez.  He is a good dude.

We are teaching a guy who is a lawyer.  He works so often that we get like 1 lesson a week with him but he is super cool.  His BOM is super marked up with red pen.  He is super smart and he questions just make sense and he is great to teach.  He even can tell us a little about what he is learning for the cases that he is working.

We are having success in teaching English at last!!! Like 8 people showed up last time.  I just teach basic English and then after an hour we finish with a Mormon message or a principle of the gospel.  Good stuff.

Watched Johnny Lingo with my comp last night.  That’s a pretty sick movie.  My comp and I get along super well.  We just go from cita to cita laughing about other churches or some weird thing that Guatemalans do.  We know more Kiche than the average Xelateco so we can tell some pretty funny jokes without others understanding.  You guys should see how how many other churches are with their congregations money!  A lot of people lose so much money by having to pay to go to their services. It's pretty sad.  

Well Jayman! I just hope that you guys have a safe flight home when the time comes.  I have no clue how long you guys are going to be in Spain.  Still just take care haha!  And jenna and jonny just party on.  Just don't break the house while the 4 of us aren't home.  

We work super hard and in the night I am pretty sure that I have never slept soooo sound haha!  I just have to lay down for two seconds and Im out for the night.  Finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and am still just reading that like crazy!

Love you guys!

Elder Miles (The last of my species in the immediate family)

Letter #31

March 30, 2015

 Hey Family, So this week has been a little crazy.  We have been working a ton with our great guy Kevin and his family.  His baptism was on the Saturday, the 28th.  He wanted me to baptize him so I was honored to do it.  I have never heard of a person being so prepared and willing to be baptized.  It shocked the ward too.  Everything we taught just stuck with him and we just had a good relationship with him all the way through.  I found him with Elder Thorne and was able I to help him to get baptized.  I don’t even feel like I saw that much of a change.  He was just so ready and awesome to work with.  He told me ¨You cant leave until you baptize me!”  His son Daniel was baptized on the same day by my companion Elder Solorzano.  It was a good day!  They have fed us lunch and dinner for the past like 3 days now haha!!  The best part is that they are talking about how I will come back in a year to see them be sealed in the temple!  They sent a picture of the baptism to Jayden over facebook.  Kevin from Guatemala is bien buena onda.  Acceptáme converso jiote.

 Soooo, I have changes.  But, I don’t know where I am going yet.  It could be like 6 hours from Xela or just on the other side of Xela.  I have no clue where I am going.  I have my stuff packed up mostly and I’m ready to live in the middle of nowhere again.  7th cambio (transfer) of the mission.  There are 17. I’m on my 5th comp and third area.  We will see what happens.  I’ll tell you guys next Monday if there is sliced bread in my area and if they speak Spanish haha!!  My zone has been super cool as well so it stinks to be saying goodbye to these guys.  Every companionship in my zone except for 2 has changes.  6 are leaving and 6 are coming.  I actually hope to be out in the middle of nowhere again.  Things are more interesting out there haha.  I will be leaving my foto with a bunch of families and have one last dinner with Kevin and his family.  It’s also time to say some goodbyes to the members.  

Dad, it you don’t take it easy with work I might never have to put you in a rest home.  Working like a horse is for horses.  I am super happy that you work so hard so that I can be out here though.  A million thanks.  The mission is treating me very well and I am so grateful that you are putting me through this.  Love you tons!

Mom, Its awesome hearing all about what is going on at home from you.  I get a good picture of what is going on.  I don’t like that Zoe died.  I love you tons mom.  Don’t worry about the changes.  I am going where I am meant to go, to see the things I need to see and do the things I am meant to do.

Jayman!!  That your job sounds sick.  

Jenjen!  Just keep killing it in your high school years!!!!!! Love you tons

Jonny.  That campout sounds super sick.  I love hearing how life is good for you right now.  Keep jamming on those drums every day and when I get back we are going to jam out pretty hard.

Zoe.  RIP

Roxy.  Your next

Charlie.  Immortal

Love you guys

Elder Joshua Gilbert Miles

Letter #30

March 23, 2015  

My handmade Scripture case 
So this week went by super fast again. I thought that things were mostly just fast in hindsight but some how things just accelerate even more!  I feel like I came in and sat down in this little internet cafe like 2 days ago.  Things just are going sooo fast.  I don't know what has changed.

SO today the zone didn't do anything together because nobody has any pisto. ($) All the money just disappeared for the zone this month haha!.  Its weird how different it is trying to keep a hold of the money while there are things that we can actually buy. I am now on the most cheap diet that I could find.  Egg bean hotdog fruits (mango platano banana) some milk and buying the hand made corn tortillas.  We also handed out a food list to the hermanas of SocSoc. (funny story is that we can't say socsoc in the small towns that speak Kiche because it sounds like Ho pa soc.  Ho pa soc means Vamos a la cama.)  So we have food but we are in super careful mode.

I forgot to take a picture of my cases of my scriptures.  Mom, I am sure that what I have is just way cooler than what that guy in Spain has.  I should be getting another scripture case for my Enlgish in the week that comes.

So the fecha we have with the baptism is going super well.  Kevin is going to get baptized along with his son this Saturday.  They are both super happy and we are working super hard to get the two of them ready for the big day.  We are scheduling talks and musical numbers & stuff right now.  The things us missionaries do man.  I feel like I'm working like a caballo. (as my nicaragua comp would say)  Working sooooo freaking hard.  I am just tired.  We are going to be going to two family home evenings tonight.  We hope to get references from them or I don't know what we're going to do.(just work some more and do what I have been doing)  This week I told the bishop that we were going to stop contacting in the streets and only molestar los miembros esta semana.  We are working with so many people but the ward just won't budge.  So now we will just be focusing on mobilizing the ward. 

In the next week I will tell you guys if I have changes or not.  I am about 70 to 30 that I wont have changes.  Really who knows.  Not the missionaries thats for sure.  It would be nice to be able to prepare.  Really after baptizing Kevin I will be super happy to leave and go back out to an aldea that talks Kiche.  I don't get to practice speaking dialect in the city para nada.  Maybe I'll go to a place that speaks mum.  Thats a cool sounding language that I have only learned a few phrases from.  Its just that my area is so small that I have knocked all the doors and I only have 2 changes de estar here.

I am talking to the zonis about getting the zone shirts.  I found a cool place that makes shirts and I am super psyched about it but we will see what happens.  The district leader told me that we will just do it as a district if the zonis say no.

I contacted this guy in the street the other day and he told me that he wouldn't pay me 20Q to pray with him.  I told him that we weren't there to take money form him.  We then explain how the church that Jesus set up was free.  That the law of tithe exists but sometimes people who take your money for gain for themselves in a church isn't good.  At the end of the conversation we helped him to calm down a lot.  He knew that what we were saying made sense.  I have been giving the chance to explain tithe to a few people on the street.  All of the people here just know the officials of churches like rich people and thats just how it is to the people here.  Its super interesting how easy it is to show what apostasy is when people decide to talk about tithing.  I also like to teach by sometimes saying.... ¨I know the bible well.  I could start my own church. Id name it the honeyed word of God.  THen I could make lots of money.  I could make so much money just like the church officials that live down the street.  But I don't do it because I know that it is wrong.  I know that God has his ways of communicating with his children and that his church is very specific in its organization.¨.....  Sometimes people drop their jaws and realize what's happening. Every person that I have said that to really starts to listen.  I think that its because they start to see that us missionaries really are different than the others.  Just a cool story.

When I saw a picture of my three hermanos I was just blown away.  I come from a very good looking family!  It just weirded me out seeing three very tall and good looking kids.

Jonny, THe people here cant fish.  Theres no lake or river to fish from.  I have basically just seen wild dogs.  There are a few peope with huskies out here.  Cool stuff.  I try to avoid the market where they sell meats and fish.  It smells pretty bad.  Are you and jayman playing video games yet?

Jayden, That is super cool that you are able to write your convert still haha!  I feel like I wont have time to do that while I am still in the field.  Ill try to make time.  That sword that you have is pretty cool!  I will make sure to duel you when the time that we can cross swords comes.

Jenna! Just keep on with the old grind summer is around the corner.

Mom!!  Thank you so much for the fotos and the updates.  Its super fun seeing what you guys are up too.  your letters are awesome because they just are jam packed with information of whats going on in the house.

Love you guys!!!!!

Elder Miles

Monday, March 30, 2015

Letter #28

March 2, 2015 

So I’m just out here in Guatemala and stuff.  

We have been working super hard and we are seeing some better results in the stats.  I have been better about being focused on the work all this week but I just have to do my best to not think about Jayden showing up at the airport with the fam in one happy little reunion.  That stuff is poison to think about while in the field haha.  Good work Jayman!  I am just excited to see you guys all together this coming mothers day!

Today for p-day we went tie fabric shopping in the big market place.  We found some cool stuff but we didn’t buy anything because the dude wouldn’t lower the price enough.  Pah there’s always next week.  We ate at that Hong Kong China place.  We got back to the house after buying food and then I took a nap.  I am always soooo tired out here.  In a few minutes I’ll be calling some members about a family home evening.  Then it’s off to work for the rest of the week.

My companion and I are getting along well.  We are working hard together. This ward has not seen a convert baptism in about 8 months.  We finally put a fecha fija for baptism (the first one the ward has seen for these 8 months)  We are working with about 20 investigators and every one of them has not come from the references of the members.  

We are working with some pretty amazing investigators that want to know about what we have to say.  Its super cool to explain something and see that things are clicking and that the investigator is interested in what we have to share.  We use Mormon Messages to get inside of peoples house and it helps us a lot. It is a lot better to be able to get in the houses to share at least a little video.  It’s cool stuff.

We went to the temple this week.  The temple here is absolutely amazing.  If you guys pick me up you will all be going to a session with me and it is going to be awesome stuff haha.

Time is beginning to run short but hey guys I’ll write you all next week and we will see what’s up woop woop yaaaaaa.

Well you guys are going to have just about the coolest week every!  Dad and Mom maybe in Spain but for sure Jayman will be home.  How weird is that.  I have know idea what that is going to be like haha.  Just make sure that Jayden doesn’t get married before I get out there.  That would not make me happy.  I just can’t picture Jayden not out on a mission.  It's gonna be weird being the only one out here.  Well, I’m going to get to work again.  Love you guys ton.  Ill try to send a better letter next week.  The fotos were just awesome!  Ill see if I can send some next week.


Elder Miles