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Monday, February 23, 2015

Letter #23

Hey ya so I'm not super sick anymore.  That is a definate plus coming from this week!  I have been pretty healthy and I made sure to buy tons of fruit and even some salad today so that I can start eating healthier as well.  We will see how that goes:)  I also sent some very cool stuff home to you guys!  I am pretty sure that you guys are going to be loving just about all of the stuff haha!!  Mom feel free to decorate the house with what I am sending to the house.  Everything is yours until I get home.  Jayden I am hoping to be sending a gift for your birthday/finish of mission stuff before you get home!  To those at home I'll be sending some traditional wood worked stuff and a scarf made of a typical matériel.  There is a little thing for each of you as well!  Just be prepped for a good sized package from guatemala to arrive at the home in 2-3 weeks.  I have also heard that the shipping is actually pretty fast so that should be cool.

I cant wait to hear about Jakes call.  That should be really cool.  Jake is just a granted as a good missionary.  I bet that he will be going Spanish speaking haha!!!  

If any guy ever questions about going on a mission it is just something they need to make up their mind and do it. Questions are answered once you are on your mission. Really the casaca (lies, crap, or waste of time) of life just hurts the simple faith that is required of those who would like to one day receive the keys of a celestial mansion.  People just get caught up in life and forget about all of the simple truths.  If everybody could just take it easy and think for two seconds and then do what is required, then the world would be a happier place.

Hitting the 6 month mark was kinda a bummer.  I feel like I have been out here for mil años but really its just a short amount of time.  I am not wishing the time away, I just wish that I was to the point where I want to be.  I have a really good grasp on most bible doctrine that people bring up.  I have the bible marked really well and I have a really good grasp of the stories and the doctrine that would convince someone that actually cared about doctrine.  The issue is that people don't care too much about doctrine.  The spirit is never telling me to expound on how the priesthood really works or even how the topic of faith is super complicated.  I am going to push myself to just use the BOM.  The transfer of using the bible to using the BOM is going to take some more time but I can see myself leaving the house with just my BoM by the time that the year mark comes around. 2 Nefi is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me haha.  Read over 2 nefi 32 again and mark the areas where you can see God Jesus and Nefi expounding over the doctrine of baptism and repentance.  It is the only place out of our scriptures where you can find a prophet, God, and Jesus testifying one after another.

This area has been a fight against the schedules.  All of the men here work from about 7 to 7.  So really its hard finding any families to teach and its harder to find a family to teach that has the dad home often long enough to be able to get in a lesson.  UGH!  We have had a few good finding experiences though.  We will see if we can get some of the elect this week.

This week I was on divisions with the zone leaders.  I got to leave my area because I am still kinda new too it.  It is always so relaxing to go with the leaders to their areas.  I just get to follow them around and bear testimony when the time is alotted to me.  Also I get to learn some good old fashioned tricks from the leaders that have time in the field.  We started divisions with a super good lunch, then we went to their old house so that they could prove to me that it was haunted (they had to move from it because the haunting always returned even after the house was blessed) which was fun.

I saw one of the most interesting prayers that I have ever seen from an Evangelica (ella dijo ¨Papisito lindo, chulo papisito¨ en un voz tan chistoso¨), I challenged a prideful lady to baptism, and then met one of the coolest non member families that I had ever met.  They speak a language called Mum, I learned a little bit and I have be practicing it while we just walk around.  We then finished the night with a visit from president Smith to the zone leader house.  The zl that I was with had been feeling awful ever since he had to live in the haunted house and decided to call president.  The president just looked around the new house and sat the 4 of us missionaries down.  There are four missionaries in the area I was in.  He then just started to talk about testimonies.  We read some 1 Nefi.  He shared some amazing experiences with us.  He then had each of bare testimony.  Then he blessed the house and said that he would offer a personal priesthood blessing over us if we felt we needed one.  He took the zl out to his car and interviewed him.  He came back into the house after a little while and then hugged us and said goodbye.  The man is absolutely amazing.  The way that he was talking to each us saying what we needed to know even though there were 4 of us.  The man has some power that I did not think possible to feel from anyone who is not an apostle.  I get to have an interview with him on Tuesday.  Just a pre-scheduled thing.  I have 6 months and I feel like I have met with president more than the average missionary would in 2 years.  I'm lucky I guess.

This area is fine but I think that I have some changes to do to myself in order to really grow comfortable out here.  The city is still kinda weird for me but there are some really cool people who live out here:)  And I am having a good time getting to jog in the mornings with the secretaries that we share the area with!  

Jayden, no sea trunky entonces.  Es bueno escuchar que tu estás teniendo un tiempo bueno en el poco tiempo que faltas.  Thanks for your support.  What you said made sense to me.  Its all in the application now I guess haha.  I thought that that was super funny that your comp can make an american accent haha.  There are lots of Japanese people here that speak Spanish with a fun accent down here!  It's super cool haha.  I met a japanese dude who went to the University of Utah for 2 semesters to practice his English and later went to Xela to practice his Spanish and run a toyota break off company.  I ended up talking to a guy from Japan about Park City in Spanish while in Sela haha!!  That's a cool one.

Jenjen, I wrote you a separate one so ya just read that one haha!!

Jonny, you better write me every week or else I won't be bringing anything cool to you anymore.  I have just barely been sending in some of the finest grades of tie making material into the guy that makes me my stuff too.  You help me and I'll help you. 

Love you Guys!!!!!!

Elder Miles

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