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Monday, February 23, 2015

Letter #22 6 MONTHS

January 12, 2015

I'm counting my six month mark on the wednesday.  183 days for my half year mark haha.  Taking that, Jayden is coming home, and me having food poisoning again into account is really getting me baggy this pday haha!

Ya I have had to adapt and learn quite a bit in order to really get used to what I know out here.  I feel like I am finally getting to the point where the work is starting to feel more relaxed.  It's still a ton of work but really it doesn't feel like too much.

That is so weird that jayden is already on his last change.  Feels only like 10000 years ago when he left haha!  I hope that you guys enjoy him while he is home.  I sure won't for another year and a half haha.  Wow that joke just seems kinda sad as I read it back but oh well.

That terrorist stuff in Europe seems to be interesting.  Anything the states is doing about it?  Cant wait to get home and run for president as soon as I get of the airplane.  Haha 

That is cool that you are getting the family together!  That janbo stuff is the key to happiness.  The secretaries came over to our house today with chinese food!  I was too sick to be able to eat any of it THough.  Tough luck I guess.

I am working hard to keep working and meeting tons of people! Going to a new area is pretty crazy when you have to learn how to be senor comp as fast as you can.  Really, I am just following around my comp from place to place still.  The kid walks too fast for me to even care about getting in the lead haha.

The ward here is full of return missionaries.  That's cool for getting help sometimes but they all look down on us just because we are in legit the only non baptizing mission in all of south of the US haha.  I still love my mission and these guys just don't know anything of the Xela mission.

Well I am still a little dead from the fever from the food poisoning so I don't know if any of this is making sense.  Love you!


Elder Josh

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