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Monday, February 23, 2015


February 23, 2015
Elder Thorne & I with our new watches

So, this week has been pretty great actually.  It was kinda sad to see Elder Thorne go so soon but he is off in Toto where I was.  Just not in Nahualá.  So the new comp is pretty cool.  I have been having a good time practicing vos with him in the house and he is a hard working latino from Nicaragua.  From what I can see he got a bad name because his previous companion was super lazy.  But, his work ethic has been nothing but good so far.  His name is Elder Solórzano.  So far he is what we would call buena onda.  He is 24 years old and he converted to the church 2 and a half years ago.  He has a little over a year in the field and he came from distant aldeas like me.  He calls Xela Centro la tierra de abundancia.  He got used to just having nothing and now we choose between grocery stores and the huge daily market to get food.  We worked on the house today and made some great improvements with he situation of the desks and table and we put up some drapes (shower curtain) that let the light come into the house.  

Elder McClain-my MTC Companion good seeing him!
So today is my cumplimes.  I have 7 monthes out in Guate.  Good stuff and I feel puro chivo (although chivo means something bad in every other place than guate).  We are just trying to work as hard as we can to get the the afternoon when there people that are actually home.  We walk absolutely everywhere.  The area is small but we don't get inside that often which means that we walk a looooot.  the insoles of my shoes are basically gone so if you guys could send me some new ones that would be super cool.

Sketchy bridge I cross daily
I now speak Spanish 24/7.  Unless I am with the secretaries or this one member here who served in Idaho there aren't English speakers here.  So my Spanish is doing well and I have almost no problem teaching and communicating with people.  
There's a lot of mam, Kiche, Kekchikel and some Kekchi speakers here though haha.  Its super fun picking up bits and peaces of each one of those as I teach people from Coban or Toto or the coast o lo que sea.  I have a hard cover scriptures in Kekchi that I found in the house that I will be bringing home just for kicks haha.  We will see if I can get one in mam anytime soon.  That would just complete the list.  You guys have the Kiche which is heavily spoken in many aldeas.  Kekchi is from Coban.  I hope that I will be able to learn more Mam and Kiche while I am out here.

I live in very middle class area of Guatemala.  Probably upper upper middle or high class compared to where I was really hhaha.  There is nothing like our neighborhood in draper in my mission.  I did however eat in a 3 story mansion of Xela with an investigator a few days ago.  Lots of people have cars here which is cool.  Most families live off of like 2500 Q a month.  You guys can do the math.

There are no lawns here.  Gardens are very few and far between.  I did go to a cactus store the other day.  Just the same kinds of cactus and plants really as we have at home.

I eat fast food here maybe once a week.  That is a really American thing.  Down here its really pricey.  Fast food is more like fancy restaurant night haha.  I just want like a roast with potato and carrot and gravy.  UHHHHHH so tasty.  Churasco down here is pretty legit though.

Jayman I just sent an email to that guy who is going to be living in Xela haha!  That would be so sick if this guy ended up converting haha!  Now I'll just hope that he is in my super small area.  Freak man ya te vás vos.  Pienso que talvez vás a tener cambios mano.  That is just soooo wierd to think that you are going to be home and stuff.  I just cant believe how long it felt having you out of the house haha!!!! I can still remember playing some minecraft with you just before your call date came.  Just 1 year and a half more and we will be hitting the whole xbox minecraft thing again.  How weird is that going to be haha!!

Sounds like jenna is just working like a dog.  Work, charity, school.  That is so cool that we live in the states.  The people are always like ¨when you go take me to the states¨  The sad part is that if I told them I could let them come up and live with us they would drop their friends and family and attachments to Xela like it was nothing.  Just think about that.  Its weirder when you see it.  People do say the states are too focussed on money and work but when it comes down to it everyone would focus on work more if the opportunity were there.

Jonny if you get that band started that would be so sick!  Keyboard singer and drums is all you need to play some matt and kim right?  Those campouts sound super fun right about now haha!  That might just become a pastime of mine with how much walking I am used to haha.

Dad and mom are going to be spain pretty dang soon it sounds like!  Wow that is so nuts:)  Super cool stuff.  I have a feeling that this is going to be dads favorite trip yet!  Being able to talk to the people should come quickly I think.  From what I saw back at home Dad still has his spanish down.  Just be careful to not get sick.  That stuff would ruin the trip.  Pick me up a shirt that is just really typical of the spaniard please.

The Utah weather just doesn't sound like Utah at all!!

Love you guys!!

Elder MIles

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