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Monday, February 23, 2015


February 16, 2015

SOOOO this week was basically the same.  Just tons of work and lots of awkward half hours as citas fell through.  Really the work is just little by little here.  We are just trying to get the investigators who 1. don't have an active religion  2. don't work 13 hour days   3.Don't travel every week    4.have families  5. are willing to keep compromisos. 6. Have member friends.   Really without having all of those things other than the family one then they won't progress.  Its a hunt.  Really we just leave the house every day waiting for just a few people to meet us that are just ready to get into the church.  We have plenty of people to visit in theory but with work schedules and church schedules and just other commitments put into play, its amazing how living a normal life gets in the way of the Lords work haha!
Xela Neighborhood

I should be getting a new comp tomorrow.  Elder Thorne's work habit has been a serious blessing.  

Jayden is already home!  He has time enough to start saying his goodbyes to the ward haha!  That is so nuts that your time is finally coming.  I just put you off as that guy who I would never see again for a while there haha.  Well we only have about a year and a half till we see each other!!!  It's will a long 3 and a half years but a very rewarding time for the both of us.  That is way cool that the parents will be getting you too!  You guys are just going to have a blast just talking to everyone while mom sits in silence haha!!!  Do they still call you gringo in Spain?  Pienso que no pero saber.

Jenna is just going ham it sounds like!  Just doing all of those super cool things that high schoolers can do and then some.  It was very good to hear that you had a good time at the dance.  It is just so impressive that you have been able to just kill it in high school so far!  cool job, hanging out with guys, cool friends.  all of that jazz

SO surgery went well I guess haha!  I just cant believe that you didn't have that knee looked at like 20 years ago.  If you can hold up against that injury for 30 years no wonder you are able to work all hours of the morning and day and tend to the fam.  Can't hurt steel.

Just seems like mom is involved with helping and running the show with a lot of what you guys are doing these days.  That Malad trip sounds like it would have been a really good time.

Today has been a day of Thorne saying goodbye to the cozy yet hard area of panorama.  We have been taking advantage of all of the things that we could in the center of Xela.  We ate a lunch at a fancy little restaurant with the secretaries.  BBQ bacon burger for me!  We then headed over to McDonald's to get the 2 for one Mcflurry deal for Valentines Day celebration.  We went to a camera store to pick up a few things.  We went over to a post office to have Thorne send of his stuff to home before he doesn't come to Xela for the next month.  We then got some pastries at Xela pan and went fake watch shopping!  I got a fake swiss watch that actually looks really nice haha!  Probably like a 500 dolar watch style for like less than 10 bucks haha!  We were able to lower the price a ton because the guy broke one of his own watches as he was trying to show us the quality.  We then headed home to do some improvements to our agendas with Liahona pictures and now we are writing!  Good pday all and all and we are just going to finish the day with Thorne trying to say his goodbyes to his first area.  All of the good stuff before getting stressed about changes through the night.

I have been studying 1 general conference talk, some BoM and some Preach My Gospel every morning for my personal study.  I just absolutely love my studies and the cool little things that we learn about as missionaries.  Really most of what we do is just try to obtain the spirit so that he can help us to get the teaching done in the best way possible and so that we can be successful in finding people.  

I have been trying to write in my journal as much as I can but there is so much to be done even in the house.  I will just have to try to get that stuff done when I can.  I am kind of running out of stuff to say...

Love you Guys!!!!

Elder Miles

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