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Monday, February 23, 2015


February 9, 2015

So this week was pretty good.  This whole time that I have been out in the field I could really say that I haven't met anyone that was really prepared for me to baptize.  There may be a changing in the winds.  We have been in a hunt to find a family for the change.  We have been trying new forms of getting references and new ways of contacting.  We ended up finding one family that is part less active and part non member.  The mom wants the whole family to go back to church and the husband is okay with it.  We have a very good chance of being able to baptize one of the kids of the family that has 8 years.  We asked the little kid to say a prayer to end the visit and in his prayer he said ¨Thank you for sending the missionaries to baptize me.¨  I was just kinda like ¨the freak.¨  We had also been teaching this one other family but the dad was almost always working but we got a hold of him this week and he seemed very interested in what we had to say so he and his family are positive right now.  We also found a guy who is a lawyer.  He is super smart and he was telling us about some of the pro bono cases that he was doing.  We were able to teach all of lesson 1 with him and he understood it.  I have not taught anyone as smart as this guy and it was great to be able to confidently be able to ask someone to read for me without worrying about if they could read or if they would understand what they read.  He said that what we told him was super interesting and he understands that cycle of dispensations.  WOW!  He was positive with the baptismal challenge to put the icing on the cake!!!!!

Things are finally finally looking up in the work.  I love this area right now.  I have really been teaching with power as well.  I was on divisions with one of the secretaries that we share the area with and he told me that I teach really well.  I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish thus far with the help of the Lord.  I have been listening to spiritual promptings a lot more and teaching from what the spirit tells my heart like Samuel the Lamanite.  I feel like a good missionary.  It has taken all of this time to be able to say that I feel like someone who can be trusted with wearing the plaque.  Things are looking up for me right now.

The life at home sounds like a dream right about now haha!  I did get to eat out today at a chinese place that was actually really tasty.  I should be getting about 4 ties from typical material tomorrow and one of them is a wipil specific to Chirijox.  Really pumped about that.  Just got back from an art store that has some really funny modern abstract art haha!  Got a few things that the store told me that they could send them straight to the house.  A few more cool things should get home in about 3ish weeks haha!  

Changes are a week from tomorrow.  I am pretty sure that Elder Thorne will be going just because the area is really small and he already has 3 changes here.  Really though there is no way to know what is going to happen.  We will just have to wait and see.

I heard that something cool happened to the gas prices in the states and that Greece has elected a socialist president.  Thanks to my buddy Cedrec I know these things!  He keeps me busy with a philosophy question of the week to think about.  Good stuff but really all of the questions are really easy to answer from a missionary perspective.

Jonny,  What the heck are you doing almost getting your Eagle Scout so dang fast haha!!  That is just nuts man.  Just make it a cool project that has lasting effects.  Also the band thing sounds just awesome!  I dont remember how to play "psyco killer" haha!  

Jenna, work sounds just as cool and busy and little sucky as ever haha!  That is cool that you are going to the dance with all of your friends!  

Jayden,  ya se va.  Espero que no estás baggie vos.  Te cuidás vos.  haha Cuando nosotros dos estamos en la casa voy a hablar con vos y los chuchos y papa en vos todos los dias mano.  Y tu puedés enseñarme vosotros si lo usés.  No sé como es el español en España para nada.

Love you guys!!!

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