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Monday, February 23, 2015


February 2, 2015

I feel like speaking Spanish is almost about second nature.  I wish I had more time to just study it but hey I have plenty of time to speak it.

My bag weighs a ton less.  I just bought my first gentile bible.  Its just a reina valera 1960.  It's the same that we use but the LDS church didn't produce it.  I bought it because the church only produces full sized massive spanish scriptures.  My bible is little just half in size and maybe a third of the weight.  I would send a picture but I forgot my camera again.  Really though the spanish church stuff is all bigger.  It makes things way better for study but not for bringing around.  I will still be loving my mormon spanish ones for study that is for sure. JST, footnotes, and a dictionary just make is like 10x more powerful.  Hey is the JST equal in correctness with the BOM?  Just a random question but it would be good to know.

I had a cool lesson this week with a guy named Beto and his dad.  Beto is the gospel doctrine teacher and his dad is a Catholic in birth and Evangelical in church attendance.  We basically just took turns quoting Jesus the Christ and using a ton of the bible and BOM to really push the fact of how you need to follow the spirit.  That gospel doctrines teacher is just about my hero right now.  The guy knew way tooo much about every little thing that we brought up and then he would explain things so simply.  I just wish I had the time to bring myself to such an understanding haha!  That guy is just cool.

Today we ate in a chinese buffet restaurant.  It was super clean and just reminded me of Janbo just a little bit.  Only we didn't usually eat tons of chinese food with a horchata.  The horchata here is dang tasty... just so you guys know haha!  Also we went over to the biggest music store in this side of the country.  Possible in Guate.  I played a very rare fender telecaster bass.  The Fender jazz bass has always been king of the guitar shop though.  They had the bass guitar that I wanted before the mission call too.  American special cherry red Jazz Bass.  I played it with a bass man tube amp from fender.  Freeeeaaak!!!  The combo of it all was just so relieving.  It felt so good to just relax for a little and play for pday :)  I forgot how to play about 90 percent of the songs I learned but I could still lay down some Red Hot Chili Peppers and Death Cab for Cutie.

This week I have to deal with tons of different stories from investigators and less actives.  Sometimes people just get to talking and they tell us things that are really hard to listen too.  We make sure that people know that if they want counseling or to tell someone something that they should talk to the bishop.  Doesn't stop most people from going off for 30 minutes about some of the most horrible family stories that I have heard before.  Yike-skee! I'm very grateful for the family that I have.  I will probably come home with some really good coping skills and a head start in the life of a psychiatrist.  All is well though haha!

The mission has been good too me.  Things are clicking and I can feel myself growing.  My testimony is getting stronger and the knowledge is getting deeper little by little.  I learn a ton while studying.  The spirit will help something make a lot of sense to you during a lesson at times.  The spirit really helps me so that I am never left without word to say.  I would run out of things to say but with the calling there comes a little bit of power that the normal person doesn't have in helping people.  The mantle weighs a lot at times but really it is just a thing that has to be felt to understand.  There is such a vast amount of help and a vast amount of weight.  It's interesting.

The meeting with the president is something that he does for entire zones periodically.  I have just gotten really lucky to be able to have my time with that guy.  He just flat out says what we need to do so it makes the work less complicated and more successful.  

The comp is a really good guy.  Elder Thorne is what would be called a buena onda.   He works super hard and has very little time in the field.  What he lacks in experience he makes up in intelligence and hard work.  We get along pretty well.  I don't know if he is like a guy that I would spend all my days with after the mission but he is the comp that I need and really the kind of comp that I want.  I am going to confess something.  Elder Mar was a very hard trainer on me.  He did not work like a missionary of success.  There was lots of wasted time and he didn't respect anything that I had to bring to the table.  He called me gringo instead of Elder Miles. With Elder Pinchi the president left him with me so that I would keep him out of trouble.  He hadn't done anything to be sent home but he was just super lazy.  He would get out of bed when I was done with personal study and my extra hour of personal study that I would take as he slept through comp study.  He would get out of bed and be ready to leave the house at 1 o'clock.  The lunch appointment.  I was good friends with Pinchi and he was a good guy (not a good missionary) but I had a hard time.  Now there are two missionaries in my old area.  Each of them super lazy.  The people I was helping are not going to be getting any help.  All those I took care of are now going to be forgotten.  Thorne is the opposite.  Up before schedule, lots of time in the field, and very dedicated.  Excellent comp.

I am learning how to speak in vos.  Its super fun to talk in the conjugation of dude haha!  I only use it with my comp and some of the members who are teaching me though haha.  I did use it with some teens in the street and it seemed to help make contacting a lot more relaxed and happy.  We have also been trying to use more games and Family Home Evenings.  There is a good way to teach the apostasy and restoration  with the game Janga haha!  Also the zone leader taught me a game called No Te Comas A Pedro.  It involves eating chocolate, guessing, and yelling haha!

I have also been having to explain who God is with the less actives.  Nobody thought it worth while to explain that they are 3 distinct people.  I have also had to explain the whole God and Christ have bodies things to people.  I bet not even members know this I guess.  The testimonies are always strong but the knowledge that backs it and builds it is usually not very firm.  That's just an odd point I thought that I would point out.

Just bought more socks from Walmart.  Just wanted more on hand really.  Ummmm...  I don't really know what else to say haha!  Bought taquiotos.  And some other delicacies!  Just nature valley bars and the likes.

Thanks for writing me!  Sorry that I didn't just respond to all of you personally but really I think that this is easier :P  Plus Jayden has more to read if I do this.  I just bet that the fam at home is counting down the days for the Jay man haha!

Love you guys a ton!!

Elder Miles

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