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Monday, February 23, 2015


February 23, 2015
Elder Thorne & I with our new watches

So, this week has been pretty great actually.  It was kinda sad to see Elder Thorne go so soon but he is off in Toto where I was.  Just not in Nahualá.  So the new comp is pretty cool.  I have been having a good time practicing vos with him in the house and he is a hard working latino from Nicaragua.  From what I can see he got a bad name because his previous companion was super lazy.  But, his work ethic has been nothing but good so far.  His name is Elder Solórzano.  So far he is what we would call buena onda.  He is 24 years old and he converted to the church 2 and a half years ago.  He has a little over a year in the field and he came from distant aldeas like me.  He calls Xela Centro la tierra de abundancia.  He got used to just having nothing and now we choose between grocery stores and the huge daily market to get food.  We worked on the house today and made some great improvements with he situation of the desks and table and we put up some drapes (shower curtain) that let the light come into the house.  

Elder McClain-my MTC Companion good seeing him!
So today is my cumplimes.  I have 7 monthes out in Guate.  Good stuff and I feel puro chivo (although chivo means something bad in every other place than guate).  We are just trying to work as hard as we can to get the the afternoon when there people that are actually home.  We walk absolutely everywhere.  The area is small but we don't get inside that often which means that we walk a looooot.  the insoles of my shoes are basically gone so if you guys could send me some new ones that would be super cool.

Sketchy bridge I cross daily
I now speak Spanish 24/7.  Unless I am with the secretaries or this one member here who served in Idaho there aren't English speakers here.  So my Spanish is doing well and I have almost no problem teaching and communicating with people.  
There's a lot of mam, Kiche, Kekchikel and some Kekchi speakers here though haha.  Its super fun picking up bits and peaces of each one of those as I teach people from Coban or Toto or the coast o lo que sea.  I have a hard cover scriptures in Kekchi that I found in the house that I will be bringing home just for kicks haha.  We will see if I can get one in mam anytime soon.  That would just complete the list.  You guys have the Kiche which is heavily spoken in many aldeas.  Kekchi is from Coban.  I hope that I will be able to learn more Mam and Kiche while I am out here.

I live in very middle class area of Guatemala.  Probably upper upper middle or high class compared to where I was really hhaha.  There is nothing like our neighborhood in draper in my mission.  I did however eat in a 3 story mansion of Xela with an investigator a few days ago.  Lots of people have cars here which is cool.  Most families live off of like 2500 Q a month.  You guys can do the math.

There are no lawns here.  Gardens are very few and far between.  I did go to a cactus store the other day.  Just the same kinds of cactus and plants really as we have at home.

I eat fast food here maybe once a week.  That is a really American thing.  Down here its really pricey.  Fast food is more like fancy restaurant night haha.  I just want like a roast with potato and carrot and gravy.  UHHHHHH so tasty.  Churasco down here is pretty legit though.

Jayman I just sent an email to that guy who is going to be living in Xela haha!  That would be so sick if this guy ended up converting haha!  Now I'll just hope that he is in my super small area.  Freak man ya te vás vos.  Pienso que talvez vás a tener cambios mano.  That is just soooo wierd to think that you are going to be home and stuff.  I just cant believe how long it felt having you out of the house haha!!!! I can still remember playing some minecraft with you just before your call date came.  Just 1 year and a half more and we will be hitting the whole xbox minecraft thing again.  How weird is that going to be haha!!

Sounds like jenna is just working like a dog.  Work, charity, school.  That is so cool that we live in the states.  The people are always like ¨when you go take me to the states¨  The sad part is that if I told them I could let them come up and live with us they would drop their friends and family and attachments to Xela like it was nothing.  Just think about that.  Its weirder when you see it.  People do say the states are too focussed on money and work but when it comes down to it everyone would focus on work more if the opportunity were there.

Jonny if you get that band started that would be so sick!  Keyboard singer and drums is all you need to play some matt and kim right?  Those campouts sound super fun right about now haha!  That might just become a pastime of mine with how much walking I am used to haha.

Dad and mom are going to be spain pretty dang soon it sounds like!  Wow that is so nuts:)  Super cool stuff.  I have a feeling that this is going to be dads favorite trip yet!  Being able to talk to the people should come quickly I think.  From what I saw back at home Dad still has his spanish down.  Just be careful to not get sick.  That stuff would ruin the trip.  Pick me up a shirt that is just really typical of the spaniard please.

The Utah weather just doesn't sound like Utah at all!!

Love you guys!!

Elder MIles


February 16, 2015

SOOOO this week was basically the same.  Just tons of work and lots of awkward half hours as citas fell through.  Really the work is just little by little here.  We are just trying to get the investigators who 1. don't have an active religion  2. don't work 13 hour days   3.Don't travel every week    4.have families  5. are willing to keep compromisos. 6. Have member friends.   Really without having all of those things other than the family one then they won't progress.  Its a hunt.  Really we just leave the house every day waiting for just a few people to meet us that are just ready to get into the church.  We have plenty of people to visit in theory but with work schedules and church schedules and just other commitments put into play, its amazing how living a normal life gets in the way of the Lords work haha!
Xela Neighborhood

I should be getting a new comp tomorrow.  Elder Thorne's work habit has been a serious blessing.  

Jayden is already home!  He has time enough to start saying his goodbyes to the ward haha!  That is so nuts that your time is finally coming.  I just put you off as that guy who I would never see again for a while there haha.  Well we only have about a year and a half till we see each other!!!  It's will a long 3 and a half years but a very rewarding time for the both of us.  That is way cool that the parents will be getting you too!  You guys are just going to have a blast just talking to everyone while mom sits in silence haha!!!  Do they still call you gringo in Spain?  Pienso que no pero saber.

Jenna is just going ham it sounds like!  Just doing all of those super cool things that high schoolers can do and then some.  It was very good to hear that you had a good time at the dance.  It is just so impressive that you have been able to just kill it in high school so far!  cool job, hanging out with guys, cool friends.  all of that jazz

SO surgery went well I guess haha!  I just cant believe that you didn't have that knee looked at like 20 years ago.  If you can hold up against that injury for 30 years no wonder you are able to work all hours of the morning and day and tend to the fam.  Can't hurt steel.

Just seems like mom is involved with helping and running the show with a lot of what you guys are doing these days.  That Malad trip sounds like it would have been a really good time.

Today has been a day of Thorne saying goodbye to the cozy yet hard area of panorama.  We have been taking advantage of all of the things that we could in the center of Xela.  We ate a lunch at a fancy little restaurant with the secretaries.  BBQ bacon burger for me!  We then headed over to McDonald's to get the 2 for one Mcflurry deal for Valentines Day celebration.  We went to a camera store to pick up a few things.  We went over to a post office to have Thorne send of his stuff to home before he doesn't come to Xela for the next month.  We then got some pastries at Xela pan and went fake watch shopping!  I got a fake swiss watch that actually looks really nice haha!  Probably like a 500 dolar watch style for like less than 10 bucks haha!  We were able to lower the price a ton because the guy broke one of his own watches as he was trying to show us the quality.  We then headed home to do some improvements to our agendas with Liahona pictures and now we are writing!  Good pday all and all and we are just going to finish the day with Thorne trying to say his goodbyes to his first area.  All of the good stuff before getting stressed about changes through the night.

I have been studying 1 general conference talk, some BoM and some Preach My Gospel every morning for my personal study.  I just absolutely love my studies and the cool little things that we learn about as missionaries.  Really most of what we do is just try to obtain the spirit so that he can help us to get the teaching done in the best way possible and so that we can be successful in finding people.  

I have been trying to write in my journal as much as I can but there is so much to be done even in the house.  I will just have to try to get that stuff done when I can.  I am kind of running out of stuff to say...

Love you Guys!!!!

Elder Miles


February 9, 2015

So this week was pretty good.  This whole time that I have been out in the field I could really say that I haven't met anyone that was really prepared for me to baptize.  There may be a changing in the winds.  We have been in a hunt to find a family for the change.  We have been trying new forms of getting references and new ways of contacting.  We ended up finding one family that is part less active and part non member.  The mom wants the whole family to go back to church and the husband is okay with it.  We have a very good chance of being able to baptize one of the kids of the family that has 8 years.  We asked the little kid to say a prayer to end the visit and in his prayer he said ¨Thank you for sending the missionaries to baptize me.¨  I was just kinda like ¨the freak.¨  We had also been teaching this one other family but the dad was almost always working but we got a hold of him this week and he seemed very interested in what we had to say so he and his family are positive right now.  We also found a guy who is a lawyer.  He is super smart and he was telling us about some of the pro bono cases that he was doing.  We were able to teach all of lesson 1 with him and he understood it.  I have not taught anyone as smart as this guy and it was great to be able to confidently be able to ask someone to read for me without worrying about if they could read or if they would understand what they read.  He said that what we told him was super interesting and he understands that cycle of dispensations.  WOW!  He was positive with the baptismal challenge to put the icing on the cake!!!!!

Things are finally finally looking up in the work.  I love this area right now.  I have really been teaching with power as well.  I was on divisions with one of the secretaries that we share the area with and he told me that I teach really well.  I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish thus far with the help of the Lord.  I have been listening to spiritual promptings a lot more and teaching from what the spirit tells my heart like Samuel the Lamanite.  I feel like a good missionary.  It has taken all of this time to be able to say that I feel like someone who can be trusted with wearing the plaque.  Things are looking up for me right now.

The life at home sounds like a dream right about now haha!  I did get to eat out today at a chinese place that was actually really tasty.  I should be getting about 4 ties from typical material tomorrow and one of them is a wipil specific to Chirijox.  Really pumped about that.  Just got back from an art store that has some really funny modern abstract art haha!  Got a few things that the store told me that they could send them straight to the house.  A few more cool things should get home in about 3ish weeks haha!  

Changes are a week from tomorrow.  I am pretty sure that Elder Thorne will be going just because the area is really small and he already has 3 changes here.  Really though there is no way to know what is going to happen.  We will just have to wait and see.

I heard that something cool happened to the gas prices in the states and that Greece has elected a socialist president.  Thanks to my buddy Cedrec I know these things!  He keeps me busy with a philosophy question of the week to think about.  Good stuff but really all of the questions are really easy to answer from a missionary perspective.

Jonny,  What the heck are you doing almost getting your Eagle Scout so dang fast haha!!  That is just nuts man.  Just make it a cool project that has lasting effects.  Also the band thing sounds just awesome!  I dont remember how to play "psyco killer" haha!  

Jenna, work sounds just as cool and busy and little sucky as ever haha!  That is cool that you are going to the dance with all of your friends!  

Jayden,  ya se va.  Espero que no estás baggie vos.  Te cuidás vos.  haha Cuando nosotros dos estamos en la casa voy a hablar con vos y los chuchos y papa en vos todos los dias mano.  Y tu puedés enseñarme vosotros si lo usés.  No sé como es el español en España para nada.

Love you guys!!!


February 2, 2015

I feel like speaking Spanish is almost about second nature.  I wish I had more time to just study it but hey I have plenty of time to speak it.

My bag weighs a ton less.  I just bought my first gentile bible.  Its just a reina valera 1960.  It's the same that we use but the LDS church didn't produce it.  I bought it because the church only produces full sized massive spanish scriptures.  My bible is little just half in size and maybe a third of the weight.  I would send a picture but I forgot my camera again.  Really though the spanish church stuff is all bigger.  It makes things way better for study but not for bringing around.  I will still be loving my mormon spanish ones for study that is for sure. JST, footnotes, and a dictionary just make is like 10x more powerful.  Hey is the JST equal in correctness with the BOM?  Just a random question but it would be good to know.

I had a cool lesson this week with a guy named Beto and his dad.  Beto is the gospel doctrine teacher and his dad is a Catholic in birth and Evangelical in church attendance.  We basically just took turns quoting Jesus the Christ and using a ton of the bible and BOM to really push the fact of how you need to follow the spirit.  That gospel doctrines teacher is just about my hero right now.  The guy knew way tooo much about every little thing that we brought up and then he would explain things so simply.  I just wish I had the time to bring myself to such an understanding haha!  That guy is just cool.

Today we ate in a chinese buffet restaurant.  It was super clean and just reminded me of Janbo just a little bit.  Only we didn't usually eat tons of chinese food with a horchata.  The horchata here is dang tasty... just so you guys know haha!  Also we went over to the biggest music store in this side of the country.  Possible in Guate.  I played a very rare fender telecaster bass.  The Fender jazz bass has always been king of the guitar shop though.  They had the bass guitar that I wanted before the mission call too.  American special cherry red Jazz Bass.  I played it with a bass man tube amp from fender.  Freeeeaaak!!!  The combo of it all was just so relieving.  It felt so good to just relax for a little and play for pday :)  I forgot how to play about 90 percent of the songs I learned but I could still lay down some Red Hot Chili Peppers and Death Cab for Cutie.

This week I have to deal with tons of different stories from investigators and less actives.  Sometimes people just get to talking and they tell us things that are really hard to listen too.  We make sure that people know that if they want counseling or to tell someone something that they should talk to the bishop.  Doesn't stop most people from going off for 30 minutes about some of the most horrible family stories that I have heard before.  Yike-skee! I'm very grateful for the family that I have.  I will probably come home with some really good coping skills and a head start in the life of a psychiatrist.  All is well though haha!

The mission has been good too me.  Things are clicking and I can feel myself growing.  My testimony is getting stronger and the knowledge is getting deeper little by little.  I learn a ton while studying.  The spirit will help something make a lot of sense to you during a lesson at times.  The spirit really helps me so that I am never left without word to say.  I would run out of things to say but with the calling there comes a little bit of power that the normal person doesn't have in helping people.  The mantle weighs a lot at times but really it is just a thing that has to be felt to understand.  There is such a vast amount of help and a vast amount of weight.  It's interesting.

The meeting with the president is something that he does for entire zones periodically.  I have just gotten really lucky to be able to have my time with that guy.  He just flat out says what we need to do so it makes the work less complicated and more successful.  

The comp is a really good guy.  Elder Thorne is what would be called a buena onda.   He works super hard and has very little time in the field.  What he lacks in experience he makes up in intelligence and hard work.  We get along pretty well.  I don't know if he is like a guy that I would spend all my days with after the mission but he is the comp that I need and really the kind of comp that I want.  I am going to confess something.  Elder Mar was a very hard trainer on me.  He did not work like a missionary of success.  There was lots of wasted time and he didn't respect anything that I had to bring to the table.  He called me gringo instead of Elder Miles. With Elder Pinchi the president left him with me so that I would keep him out of trouble.  He hadn't done anything to be sent home but he was just super lazy.  He would get out of bed when I was done with personal study and my extra hour of personal study that I would take as he slept through comp study.  He would get out of bed and be ready to leave the house at 1 o'clock.  The lunch appointment.  I was good friends with Pinchi and he was a good guy (not a good missionary) but I had a hard time.  Now there are two missionaries in my old area.  Each of them super lazy.  The people I was helping are not going to be getting any help.  All those I took care of are now going to be forgotten.  Thorne is the opposite.  Up before schedule, lots of time in the field, and very dedicated.  Excellent comp.

I am learning how to speak in vos.  Its super fun to talk in the conjugation of dude haha!  I only use it with my comp and some of the members who are teaching me though haha.  I did use it with some teens in the street and it seemed to help make contacting a lot more relaxed and happy.  We have also been trying to use more games and Family Home Evenings.  There is a good way to teach the apostasy and restoration  with the game Janga haha!  Also the zone leader taught me a game called No Te Comas A Pedro.  It involves eating chocolate, guessing, and yelling haha!

I have also been having to explain who God is with the less actives.  Nobody thought it worth while to explain that they are 3 distinct people.  I have also had to explain the whole God and Christ have bodies things to people.  I bet not even members know this I guess.  The testimonies are always strong but the knowledge that backs it and builds it is usually not very firm.  That's just an odd point I thought that I would point out.

Just bought more socks from Walmart.  Just wanted more on hand really.  Ummmm...  I don't really know what else to say haha!  Bought taquiotos.  And some other delicacies!  Just nature valley bars and the likes.

Thanks for writing me!  Sorry that I didn't just respond to all of you personally but really I think that this is easier :P  Plus Jayden has more to read if I do this.  I just bet that the fam at home is counting down the days for the Jay man haha!

Love you guys a ton!!

Elder Miles

Letter #23

Hey ya so I'm not super sick anymore.  That is a definate plus coming from this week!  I have been pretty healthy and I made sure to buy tons of fruit and even some salad today so that I can start eating healthier as well.  We will see how that goes:)  I also sent some very cool stuff home to you guys!  I am pretty sure that you guys are going to be loving just about all of the stuff haha!!  Mom feel free to decorate the house with what I am sending to the house.  Everything is yours until I get home.  Jayden I am hoping to be sending a gift for your birthday/finish of mission stuff before you get home!  To those at home I'll be sending some traditional wood worked stuff and a scarf made of a typical matériel.  There is a little thing for each of you as well!  Just be prepped for a good sized package from guatemala to arrive at the home in 2-3 weeks.  I have also heard that the shipping is actually pretty fast so that should be cool.

I cant wait to hear about Jakes call.  That should be really cool.  Jake is just a granted as a good missionary.  I bet that he will be going Spanish speaking haha!!!  

If any guy ever questions about going on a mission it is just something they need to make up their mind and do it. Questions are answered once you are on your mission. Really the casaca (lies, crap, or waste of time) of life just hurts the simple faith that is required of those who would like to one day receive the keys of a celestial mansion.  People just get caught up in life and forget about all of the simple truths.  If everybody could just take it easy and think for two seconds and then do what is required, then the world would be a happier place.

Hitting the 6 month mark was kinda a bummer.  I feel like I have been out here for mil años but really its just a short amount of time.  I am not wishing the time away, I just wish that I was to the point where I want to be.  I have a really good grasp on most bible doctrine that people bring up.  I have the bible marked really well and I have a really good grasp of the stories and the doctrine that would convince someone that actually cared about doctrine.  The issue is that people don't care too much about doctrine.  The spirit is never telling me to expound on how the priesthood really works or even how the topic of faith is super complicated.  I am going to push myself to just use the BOM.  The transfer of using the bible to using the BOM is going to take some more time but I can see myself leaving the house with just my BoM by the time that the year mark comes around. 2 Nefi is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me haha.  Read over 2 nefi 32 again and mark the areas where you can see God Jesus and Nefi expounding over the doctrine of baptism and repentance.  It is the only place out of our scriptures where you can find a prophet, God, and Jesus testifying one after another.

This area has been a fight against the schedules.  All of the men here work from about 7 to 7.  So really its hard finding any families to teach and its harder to find a family to teach that has the dad home often long enough to be able to get in a lesson.  UGH!  We have had a few good finding experiences though.  We will see if we can get some of the elect this week.

This week I was on divisions with the zone leaders.  I got to leave my area because I am still kinda new too it.  It is always so relaxing to go with the leaders to their areas.  I just get to follow them around and bear testimony when the time is alotted to me.  Also I get to learn some good old fashioned tricks from the leaders that have time in the field.  We started divisions with a super good lunch, then we went to their old house so that they could prove to me that it was haunted (they had to move from it because the haunting always returned even after the house was blessed) which was fun.

I saw one of the most interesting prayers that I have ever seen from an Evangelica (ella dijo ¨Papisito lindo, chulo papisito¨ en un voz tan chistoso¨), I challenged a prideful lady to baptism, and then met one of the coolest non member families that I had ever met.  They speak a language called Mum, I learned a little bit and I have be practicing it while we just walk around.  We then finished the night with a visit from president Smith to the zone leader house.  The zl that I was with had been feeling awful ever since he had to live in the haunted house and decided to call president.  The president just looked around the new house and sat the 4 of us missionaries down.  There are four missionaries in the area I was in.  He then just started to talk about testimonies.  We read some 1 Nefi.  He shared some amazing experiences with us.  He then had each of bare testimony.  Then he blessed the house and said that he would offer a personal priesthood blessing over us if we felt we needed one.  He took the zl out to his car and interviewed him.  He came back into the house after a little while and then hugged us and said goodbye.  The man is absolutely amazing.  The way that he was talking to each us saying what we needed to know even though there were 4 of us.  The man has some power that I did not think possible to feel from anyone who is not an apostle.  I get to have an interview with him on Tuesday.  Just a pre-scheduled thing.  I have 6 months and I feel like I have met with president more than the average missionary would in 2 years.  I'm lucky I guess.

This area is fine but I think that I have some changes to do to myself in order to really grow comfortable out here.  The city is still kinda weird for me but there are some really cool people who live out here:)  And I am having a good time getting to jog in the mornings with the secretaries that we share the area with!  

Jayden, no sea trunky entonces.  Es bueno escuchar que tu estás teniendo un tiempo bueno en el poco tiempo que faltas.  Thanks for your support.  What you said made sense to me.  Its all in the application now I guess haha.  I thought that that was super funny that your comp can make an american accent haha.  There are lots of Japanese people here that speak Spanish with a fun accent down here!  It's super cool haha.  I met a japanese dude who went to the University of Utah for 2 semesters to practice his English and later went to Xela to practice his Spanish and run a toyota break off company.  I ended up talking to a guy from Japan about Park City in Spanish while in Sela haha!!  That's a cool one.

Jenjen, I wrote you a separate one so ya just read that one haha!!

Jonny, you better write me every week or else I won't be bringing anything cool to you anymore.  I have just barely been sending in some of the finest grades of tie making material into the guy that makes me my stuff too.  You help me and I'll help you. 

Love you Guys!!!!!!

Elder Miles

Letter #22 6 MONTHS

January 12, 2015

I'm counting my six month mark on the wednesday.  183 days for my half year mark haha.  Taking that, Jayden is coming home, and me having food poisoning again into account is really getting me baggy this pday haha!

Ya I have had to adapt and learn quite a bit in order to really get used to what I know out here.  I feel like I am finally getting to the point where the work is starting to feel more relaxed.  It's still a ton of work but really it doesn't feel like too much.

That is so weird that jayden is already on his last change.  Feels only like 10000 years ago when he left haha!  I hope that you guys enjoy him while he is home.  I sure won't for another year and a half haha.  Wow that joke just seems kinda sad as I read it back but oh well.

That terrorist stuff in Europe seems to be interesting.  Anything the states is doing about it?  Cant wait to get home and run for president as soon as I get of the airplane.  Haha 

That is cool that you are getting the family together!  That janbo stuff is the key to happiness.  The secretaries came over to our house today with chinese food!  I was too sick to be able to eat any of it THough.  Tough luck I guess.

I am working hard to keep working and meeting tons of people! Going to a new area is pretty crazy when you have to learn how to be senor comp as fast as you can.  Really, I am just following around my comp from place to place still.  The kid walks too fast for me to even care about getting in the lead haha.

The ward here is full of return missionaries.  That's cool for getting help sometimes but they all look down on us just because we are in legit the only non baptizing mission in all of south of the US haha.  I still love my mission and these guys just don't know anything of the Xela mission.

Well I am still a little dead from the fever from the food poisoning so I don't know if any of this is making sense.  Love you!


Elder Josh

Letter #21

Hola Familia!

SO I feel like I am in a completely different mission.  I am now in Zona Xela Centro...area Panarama. I am in the city! I have a little area that I can walk through in a half hour.  I have a ton of people in my area right now.  The people have no clue how to speak in Kiche.  This place is nothing like Chirijox! They don't even know the basic stuff that I like to use...  I am super pumped.  My last area literally didn't even have sliced bread.  Now I have the big city.  I have a Walmart type store in my area.  The people don't spend their days cutting wood and growing maiz and making corte.  They are pretty much city people.  It is a culture that is completely different!  They all speak just Spanish and have accents and stuff haha.  Really it is going to take a little while to get used to but I am having a good time trying to remember names that are like normal latin names not like Ixquetep.  I do realize that I actually really liked my time in Chirijox.  Although, I left in the perfect amount of time.  Three changes there was sufficient.  This Sunday was my first time having church in Spanish.  I enjoyed understanding it rather than listening to it in Kiche where I didn't know what was being said.

Today we went to a music store and I played a musicman stingray bass guitar for a while.  Then we went to the huge market and looked around at all of the cool stuff that the people have to offer here.  They basically have all of the cool stuff to buy here!  I am just trying to practice some self control but we will see how that goes with the amount of time that I am going to have here.  I hope that I get 2 to 3 changes here.  That is 3 months to 4 and a half months.  Then off to explore some of the other cities.  The ward here is amazing too.  I have had 3 different members come up to me and say that they had a noche de hogar already set up with non member friends haha!!!  The work here should be fun and I already love the members here.  I have also found some people that reacted really well to the baptismal challenge here.  I even had a lady say ¨I would like to be baptized like that¨ as she was teary eyed.  Basically I am pumped.  Also the members try to feed us more and with good portions that arent just egg and bean.  Wow, really just a different world.  Polar opposites. I even ate at Wendy's today!  The fast food here is dang better than any of the fast food that you could find in the states.  It's more quality like Astroburger.. haha

My companion is named Elder Thorne.  He is from Spokane Washington.  This is my first gringo comp yet.  He really works harder than the others that I have had.  We have been spending our days just going to every person that he knows and meeting the ward members.  He has one change less than me so we are both pretty new.  I still feel like the little bit that I had  with my super experienced comps is really helping.  He definately knows more vocab than I do because he studied Spanish all throughout high school.  Still I think that I am a little more comforable speaking than he is.  That's probably because of my latino comps.  Though the accent here took a second to get used too.  We definately have different teaching styles.  He is more into feeling comfortable with the people before doing anything more than teaching.  I like to just get down to business a little faster than he does. I am definitely a lot more direct about all of the things that we teach as well.  With commitments that we extend too.  I think it is because I got tired of all of the crap that the people in Chirijox tried to say to get out of commitments.  Also if I wasn't direct then they would not understand me in Chirijox.  Just stating things in simplicity seems to have a lot more effect for the people out here as well.  My comp is buena onda.  Cool kid, just wish I wasn't senor companion already.  

I have been able to use some of my Kiche so that I could fall well with some of members here who aren't from the city.  Also I was able to get a really good contact from being able to help this old couple make tortilla because I learned how to in my past area.  The people here are super nice but they are just more busy with normal life stuff.  Door knocking is a flat out waste of time out here.  I will be sticking with the members to get help... thank you very much ahha.  I feel a little bit like I am in a European type scene.  At least I will be well rounded right of the bat in my mission having been in two totally different areas. Good for aldea and city.

I feel like I get more and more tired with each passing morning.  Then the new area just makes me feel almost weak in the mind.  All new names, ways of living, and language.  I feel culture shock coming from the stix more than I felt it going out ot the middle of nowhere.

We share the area with the secretaries of the mission.  One of them is an Elder that I was good friends with back in district Nahuala.  Now I get to see him almost everyday! And his comp is a good dude as well.  They are Elder Guitierez and Elison.  They are both from the states and are super funny.  That's another thing about the people here! They are super funny haha!  I just love their jokes!  I can definately tell that they are born and raised spanish speakers just by how they can crack off joke after joke.

The house is good.  I liked the one back in Chirijox better but this one works well for its intended purpose. I just wish that the study room wasn't the kitchen and living room.  The bathroom is nicer however.  The shower head is amazing compared to my last one!!  I am having a hard time getting to studying on time because of it haha!  I might have to start showering in the night so I can just relax in the hot steam for a while.  The other houses that I have seen don't have a shower head like this so hay que provechar.  

One of the biggest differences in teaching out here is the Book of Mormon.  I can use it!  The people here can read!  And they can understand what they read!  I was used to just teaching the BoM as a side note because of how nobody could read or could understand it.  Now I can do my challenging and I can give out Books of Mormons.  We also have and unlimited supply of books because we are with the secretaries.  We we run out of books we can get like 40 more by the end of the day haha!  Also I am getting pretty skilled with the Bible.  I quote it and can use 2 or more scriptures for every single point that there is to teach.  I freaking love having such good tools.  Just automatic ethos with the people as I whip out the book that nobody out here questions ahha.  Hebrews 11 and Romans 6 are just about my favorites right now.  Gotta give a hand to James 2 as well.

Jenna!  you are nuts!  If I had to think of a place that was sketchier than Guate I would say Cambodia...  That should be a good experience haha.  I have no clue how that is going to be working out but I wish you the best for when you actually have to fly out there haha!  And the patriarchal blessing is something dang useful.  I try to read mine once a day just to keep myself pumped up!.  Have you read mine?  If not, go ahead.  Should be in my locker.  Immediate family gets to read it is how I roll.

Jonny!  There is some super sick stuff out here in the city.  Mask that are huge and hand carved that cost like 15 bucks haha!!  I have also seen some sick machetes with hand made leather cases!  Also the music store here actually has some pretty sick drum stuff.

Jayden!  I am excited to be in the big city out here.  I feel like I can really relate to you out here better.  Really a lot of the streets just remind me of a more sketchy looking Europe. Usually all the buildings are just two or three stories tall but they are all tight together and there are a few bigger buildings.  Imagine like a smaller and a little more cramped Salt Lake city without skyscrapers.

Mom!  You hit it dead on with your guess.  I am in civilization.  I could even find some 70Q soccer shoes that were bigger than size 39 haha.  And I definately have all the food that I could even eat.  And then if you add in member meals I am going to gain weight back out here haha.  Also there are tons of super cool typical clothes out here!  You and jenna would have a great time just seeing all of the cool stuff that there is in the market.  And having 20 bucks to spend out here feels like having 80 haha.  I just bought a scarf made of typical materiels after having bartered the price down haha!  This first Pday here has be super fun.  Also the book that you gave me is exactly what my mission president uses to explain faith as he tries to build up our faith.  He is always quoting it but he never said where it came from.  Now I know haha.

Dad!  Puedo entender todo lo que tu escribas.  Esta llegando a ser mas y mas fácil a pensar en español.  The people out here talk in Vos a ton out here!  I now remember how the little Spanish that you taught me when I was a kid was in vos now.  sentate vos!  Ha its good and funny stuff.  I cant wait to really hone my Spanish with this people.  I am actually even nervous to talk here because the people say I have a different accent.  At the very least the lessons are super easy to teach nowadays.  Just honing what I know now!  Its just that my greenie comp is still running on a US schedule.  That is that he is at the citas 5 minutes before time haha!  I got to see the little bit more laid back side from my latino comps.

Love you guys!!!

Elder Miles