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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Letter #20

January 5, 2015
Nahuala, Guatemala

Hey everyone!

So this week went pretty much normally.  Just kicking it with my companion in the streets of Guatemala and just trying to do what we can to do in the Lord’s work.  We found a few really good people this week but the rest of our investigators stopped progressing as well.  Really we can get everyone to read and pray but when we see that they people aren’t attending church that’s it.  Usually if you can get someone to church it means that they really want what we have.  If not then they are just in it for a few spiritual experiences and not the spiritual life.  

On New Years Day we were contacting a family that live little farther out but was a reference from church members.  They live in a place called Pachakin.  It is a little town just out maybe an hour from the house on foot.  It is probably one of the coolest little towns that I have seen and it is one of the only places where we actually know where our area ends.  There is a little stream that goes through it with wild California lilies growing along the bank.  After contacting the family and setting up a cita (appointment) with them for later on, we ended up taking a little hike with the members to a huge waterfall. I’ll send the pictures but the place is really quite amazing.  It was just pure dense forest, followed by a huge colorful cliff.  We went back and the members basically force-fed us tamales.  The stuff is super tasty but when you end up eating like 5 portions past being full then you start to really feel like dying.  In the evening there ended up being more fireworks for the new years than during Christmas.  I just tried to sleep through this one but it was impossible.  It was like 45 minutes straight of just bomb sounding fireworks going off in the air at midnight.  It is a cool tradition but not for those who really need to sleep haha!

Yesterday we were able to manage putting more lessons with member than I ever had in one day.  We just ran from cita to cita with a member who is 23 and trying to get on a mission.  We used his Kiche language to its maximum and got a lot of baptismal challenges. Elder Duncan, the area president, told us that on average people need to be challenged to baptism eight times before actually accepting.  We really just try to crank out the challenges and hope for the best.  We have a few fecha metas with the people but like I said, church attendance is a problem with these people.  There is a huge cultural influence on everyone to not change religions because they think that it is a sin.  For that the Aldea of my area are a little tougher to get along with.  Still I do love asking the staunch Catholics if they know what Catholic means and watch them squirm a bit.  I like to help them think about what they are practicing.  Elder Pinchi,my companion told me that there is no other area where you have to deal with so much casaca (crap or lies) from the people.  Still it has gotten me to be really direct in every challenge and teaching to the point. There is no holding back.  Otherwise they won’t understand due to the Kiche dialect or due to just them not knowing the purpose of religion.  Some might say that we plant seeds but I say that here we are still working in tilling dirt.  I little bit rougher and really necessary for the people here.

I do have changes! I have had my 4 and a half months of working here and now it is time for me to see what I can offer other areas and companions.  I loved my time with Elder Pinchi.  He is a super good dude.  Just waiting on my new comp and new area on the morrow.  I could be anywhere from a super small Aldea (village) hours into the mountain roads to being in a gated community in the middle of Xela (Quetzaltenango).  Who knos what the Lord needs me to learn.  I have everything packed already to go.  I will have to leave the carry on suitcase just because transport is really nuts out here.  Everything fits just fine in the two big ones.

I love you guys!!!

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