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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Letter #19

December 29, 2014

Mt. Guatemalan Village
 I’m just here chillin like a villain.  I now know what I will be getting with the money that I got for Christmas.  I will be buying very typical scripture case from a guy I know who hand makes some of the best fabrics and leathers known in the mission.  I will get them for my English scriptures, my Spanish and my agenda.  Also, I should be getting my handmade tie in just a little while.  It took about 16 hours to hand make the fabric and I sent it into a guy who does really good work about a week ago.  Hey I will show you guys my cases when I get them and then we will see if you guys want any.  The pricey ones with leather and fabric should cost about 450 or 500 Q.  The full fabric is about 300 or 350Q.  Super cool stuff and very effective in making scriptures look way cooler than those of los demas.  I did some looking for the fabric material out here called Corte.  There isn’t even sliced bread in my area.  I don’t know why I thought I would find anything haha!  

Very dusty roads
I just felt super tired after having talked to you guys.  I just felt so dang happy to get to chat with the four of you.  It felt like I had almost just put the thought of a rock solid family in my dreams and that it wasn’t reality.  Turns out that I have one that lives just a little north of me.  Wow.  Really was an experience!  I am now just pumped to see Jay-man in about 5 months.  That should be nice.  I think I am really getting to understand what I’m saying as I teach that family’s are such a great blessing and a powerful gift.  My president told me that all things to the Lord are spiritual.  That is truly the case.  Even the social aspects of our lives are really just spiritual.  

I finished “Lectures on faith”, really quite powerful.  The book just goes in and explains faith in a perfect way.  I actually feel more comfortable when teaching about faith now.  I just know a little more and that goes a long way.  I have also been going through the New Testament from acts and on.  I could probably start up my own church down here and have plenty of doctrine to teach. Ha ha! I really am starting to feel comfortable just whipping out my bible in every situation.  Also having nearly finished “Jesus the Christ” helps with the understanding of doctrine tons!  Also my studies of Christ like attributes of “Preach my Gospel” are just gold!  Every repentant member of the church ought to give each section of that chapter a few days of study apiece. I am just taking dads advice to heart and really just trying to devote myself to loving the people, my comp and the doctrine.  Sadly, my old saying of ¨I hate people¨ is starting to come back and bite me in the butt.  It is hard to be patient in every step of explaining doctrine to a people so completely brainwashed by their pastores and other antichrist preachers.  They are truly confused.  Wolves have definitely been abound amongst this flock.  I did meet someone who moved here to Chirijox from the big city Totonicapán.  She can only speak Spanish.  She is the first person that I have taught that is a true Spanish speaker.  Her understanding is miles ahead of the rest after the first lesson.  The only problem is that her husband is in the US.  So we won’t be able to do anything with her until she can ask him for permission to go to church.  Ya, the whole lack of women’s rights thing is really starting to bother me.

Something cool that I have found is how studying the scriptures in two languages really makes study effective.  Something’s are really just better suited to the Spanish or the English scripture.  There is different emphasis and there are different things to be learned from the same verses of scripture.  This is especially so true with the Bible.  I will read a chapter in English and not understand much.  Then read the same one in Spanish and understand everything.  Then the next chapter I will only understand in English.  Then reading each chapter in both languages really helps to pound down a concept in the mind.  Just two different ways to explain the same thing.  It is odd but a really powerful trick that I have been able to pick up.  I’m really starting to grow a passion for just scripture study.  There is so much profound doctrine that sometimes I’m just left saying ¨what the heck¨.

My area is huge.  Really it would take about 20 hours to walk from one end to the other and I have no clue how freaking far it goes haha.  I asked president if I should even visit the people that are far out.  He told me no haha.  So that just saved me tons of time walking and riding in pick-up trucks from place to place in the mountain passes.  I will miss going out on those beautiful flete rides.  My comp and I will be going back soon just on a p-day to look for this water fall and lake that we have only heard of in the far reaches of area Chirijox.  

Christmas here was a little different.  There is essentially no gift giving out here.  I think that just might be for the conditions, which they live but I’m not sure.  We did eat SO much tomali.  I must have eaten pounds of the stuff from the 24th to the 25th.  Seriously, just tonssss of tomali.  Everyone was offering to feed us and how can we say no when we don’t even know how to say it in Kiche, haha.  Utz taj is “no”.  At about midnight they launch fireworks.  I went up the roof to see what was going on and it was a legit 360 Disneyland firework show.  I now know why the people are poor.  They spend every penny they make on fireworks for la navidad.  I was actually really surprised about the show.  They had some nice Ariel fireworks.  And the show lasted for like 20 minutes.  Just straight up firework war.

I just barely bought a cooking pot today.  We are now able to cook rice. We had rice, egg and fish for lunch today!  Just canned fish but I still feel like the man! haha.

I haven’t been food sick in a while.  Its actually kind of weird haha.  I am pretty used to getting hit at least every month.  I think I am out of the woods on this one.  Knock on wood.

Well I love you guys a ton!!!!!!

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