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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Letter #18

December 15, 2014

Each week we write our emails in Nahuala.  It is the larger city type thing outside of our area but in the district.  It’s about 15 minutes from the house.  The Internet here is just better and there is more food available to buy.  There is a member that told me that we could use their precious wifi to talk to you guys on their laptop!  They are just about the only house in my area that has wifi haha.  I have no clue what time we will be talking.  I am not even sure if I can set it to a day.  I am pretty sure it will be the 24th or 25th.  We will be sending an email the day before or just sending a text to you guys to try and prep you for it all before the go time.  Just make sure to check the email often.

My companion, Elder Pinchi is super cool!  I am having a good time trying to keep these old timing missionaries out of the house to get to work!  The guy is super smart and works really well.  He is very direct in his teachings and also he is good at describing the things of the lessons.  We get along super well and are good buds right now.

We get together with our zones often.  Almost every p-day we have something to do about 45 minutes bus ride away form the house.  Today we all got together and played some soccer and them some mafia.  It is always a good time and now we are going to be getting together to do Christmas stuff in Totonicap√°n for the p-day before Christmas.  We should be caroling on a stage type deal.  I also have to find a gift to give to Elder McLain.  He is my white elephant type deal.  Make sure not to tell his mom haha!  
I don’t know what we will be doing Christmas.  None of the families have invited us to do anything with them.  There should be a lot of fireworks on midnight here for Christmas.  Also, gifts and lots of tomali and pacha.  Things should be tasting good for the holidays but I have no clue what we are going to do.  There are no busses on Christmas here so there definitely won’t be anything put together as zone or district on Christmas day.

There is basically no danger in my area.  The worst is the dogs and sometimes the drunken guys really want to talk to us about taking away their sins or something like that.  Really, the dogs don’t attack that often.  We just use our bags and back up.  If there is a real problem with the dogs we can just grab a corn stalk and go after those little savages.  I haven’t really had any serious close calls!  We do go out proselyting in the pitch freaking black from 630 to 900.  It is super, super dark here most of the time at night but we have flashlights and the Holy Ghost as our guide.

I feel like I am getting old now.  I know I’m only 18 but I feel way older.  Like 23 plus.  I’m aging out here.  I can feel it haha.  I’m more serious and my jokes are more tasteful haha.  JK, I have no clue how my jokes are because they don’t run the same in the Spanish language.  Also, I haven’t had a real chat with any English speaker for a while.  SO I may come back without sense of American humor.

I feel good being out here and I have not gotten sick in now counting two and a half weeks from food haha!  I love my call to serve and I will finish the call with honor and knowing much more than I can into the field with.  I am just waiting to see how working hard everyday like this will payoff.

OH something wield happened this week!  I had companionship study with the mission president.  That basically doesn’t happen unless you are zone leader...  It was super cool and I think it just made my mission blessing that much more truthful

Love You all!


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