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Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #17


I have a new companion and he is another Latino.  His name is Elder Pinchi.  He is 26 years old.  He is from Peru.  He has 20 months in the mission.  The kid is pretty awesome.  I love working with the dude.  He doesn't leave the house as fast as I want him too but for the most part he follows the rules and knows how to work smart.  It's way cool that I get to have two Latino companions right off the bat so that I can learn how to speak Spanish.  Especially since my whole area is probably the most dominate dialect speaking area in all of the mission. Pinchi told me that the kiche really is what makes the area one of the hardest.  And of course the religion as well I guess, haha.  I love the challenge and the people though.  We are going to just continue to help the people not to be afraid of us and being punished by their pastors while we walk the beat of Chirijox.  This area is also one of the biggest areas in the mission.  We have Chirijox, xolcaja, pacaman, xolxajil, patzite, Antigue, and Ixtawacon(Alaska or santa Catarina.  That is a ton of towns to cover haha.  We walk a ton and I feel like i'm in good shape.  
Mom asked me on a scale of 1-5 what my Spanish is like. I think it is about a 3.5. I speak it fluently and I am comfortable with lessons and normal conversations but I can see that I talk like a 14 year old boy and not really a servant of God yet. I am learning but what I have learned came with prayer and faith.  I really don't have the processing power to hit fluency of a language in about 3 months of living with the people that only speak kiche. 

The investigators listen really well due to the spirit when we teach.  It is always in their eyes as we testify.  Eh, the people are being prepared but I am still looking for some of those chosen ones who seek out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Not the people who just want to feel the spirit and do nothing about it.  
Yes, I will be having a merry christmas in Chirijox.  I'm bracing for a very different holiday season to be perfectly honest.  Christmas here is more like new year and 4 of july mixed.  Also it is soooo cold out here.  It is a good thing that I have that jacket and fleece.  I really do get so cold up in Alaska. For Christmas I will look for some stuff to buy myself and my companion so that we can have somewhat of a Merry Christmas.  I still have 600 quetz from my 1700 quet monthly payment to live here.  I will probably buy a lot of good fruit and maybe a cake or something.  A few Christmas' away from home isn't that huge of a deal in the big perspective.

Time is actually feeling like it is moving now.  Week to week to week to month to month.  I gotta enjoy things while I have them.


Elder Miles

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