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Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #16

Nov.  17, 2014

Time seems to just slip through my fingers these days.  I didn’t have much time at home and I don’t have much time out here.  It is just weird how things are always changing.  Even if the changes are big or small things are never the same.  Times get better and can get worse but never the same.

AH yes!  The Christmas package!  I am waiting for a big local fair that is going to land on a p-day in our area so that I can find some cool stuff to buy for you guys.  Probably just small stuff but who knows what I will find.

I love you mom and your testimony inspires!  I will just keep pushing on in the work and see where being righteous takes me.  The rest won’t matter all too much! I really do miss you!  I just can’t wait until home feels like a happy memory instead of a wanting memory.  Have any tips?

I’m pretty stoked to see who I have for my next companion.  I just hope that the next kid is really into doing the work as well.  I would love to see a baptism and someone who wants to be baptized would be cool too.  We got really close with one of them and turned out that she wasn’t married to her spouse.  That Quiche language barrier will really bite you in the butt if you don’t have the members to translate everything!  They like to go off on their own things and sometimes it is just not good at all.  Also it makes it impossible to know the needs of the investigators.  When I get my new companion I will begin taking classes in Quiche. There are plenty of members who are willing to teach us.  I could have anywhere from 6 more months here to only 7 more weeks here in this area.

That I have been really planning on what to do in this area.  Reactivation is really what I feel like this area needs more than anything. 

Oh my gosh I love our pets, haha.  I just hope that none of them die within the next 20ish months.

That is awesome that mom is getting me a care package!  I love letters ahha.  I actually keep them in my suitcase so that I don’t think about you guys too much.

Love you all!


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