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Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #15

November 10, 2014

Thanks for letting me know that the first area isn’t supposed to be so easy.  I really don’t love not being able to express everything that I can.  I was just starting to really get into that with English. The thing is that I will inherit my area soon wiht my companion going home.  SO it doesn’t matter if my Spanish is bad now.  Hopefully the people will get to know me as my Spanish improves in this huge area.

I will keep trying with my comp.  There is just such a strong cultural difference between him and me haha.  He cleans fast, and we stress and laugh about different things.  It's ALL part of the experience!

I love your advice Dad.  I really do appreciate every word that you send to me!  I am happy out here right now.  I am starting to really see the blue skies of the field.  I just hope that the are comparable blue to the skies I had back with you, Mom, jenna, jonny.  I have such a hope in Christ right now.  I am starting to get back in to my old rely on him and not yourself ways.  I am starting to really make friends and change lives.  The other day I consoled a recent widow.  I have seen the wisdom that God has far beyond my own.  I was able to tell her that her spouse is at peace.  And that I knew things about her situation that no 18 year old kid would know.  I love my experiences out here.  I just love that I get to have this time because I was born to goodly parents.
Love You!!!!

ELder MIles

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