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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Letter #13

Hey the power keeps going off due to some rain! haha I'm just going to send this fast so that you know in case it does.  I am writing another one with love so that you might get a big one.

Thank you for your prayers!!  There are times that I feel like I’m not in my body saying what I am saying.  I like to think that is just all of my blessings just coming into one moment.  Just yesterday I did better on my own than I ever have.  Elder Mar and I usually do splits and it is super stressful for me sometimes.  But we have a lot of work to get done.  I went up to an aldea named patzite with just a member at my side.  All of the appointments fell through so I was left to just figure out what to do with this member for 4 hours.   I did so well that it hard to say that it was not just a blessing from God.  There are times when I cannot see any miracles out here.  This was not one of those days.  I found twelve people in total who want to receive us.  There are possibly more because they all have families.  I preached in the street with a family.  I know that they felt the spirit.  I know this because at first they just thought I was some kid that knew little Spanish.  I spoke more fluently than I ever had before.  I started the quick lesson with a question.  Where did we come from before this life?  I then used jeramias 1:5 to impress bring the people to know that I am serious.  That I know where we came from and that I know that he has a plan for each of us.  They then gave me their number and said that I could come back or call them at anytime.  

I’m seeing this as less of the work of baptism and more as the work of salvation.  There are not many who I think could really be baptized straight on the spot unless it was meant to be.  That is okay with me right now.  I’m here to do the work that I am assigned to do.  Not the work that I want to do.  That doesn’t mean that I try hard to get these people into the font. 

That is so weird hearing about how we will soon have 3 Miles family missionaries out at the same time.  Michael Josh is going to love it!  This is an experience that I think everyone should have.  Say congratz to Heather for me.

Jenna is going to a dance!!!  How crazy!!  What is his name?  What is the dude like?  Do I need to come back to teach him a lesson?  Is he a good guy?  What is his email?  haha.  I’m sure Jenna will be smart.  She always is.

Holy vacation!!  That sounds so nice. For p day we went to a vista of the Waters of Mormon.  That was cool.  I’ll send pics if I can.

Our pets are the best.  Every animal here is dirty and mangie.  It is bien sucky.  I hate not being able to able to pet anything here.  You can’t really lay down with the pets here.

For a Christmas package... nic. no se. haha.  I always have things in mind.  Some of the good deoderant from the states.  It is pricey stuff down here for being in guate.  They only sell half sticks and its like 35 quets ahha.  Breaking the bank.  Maybe just some money to live it up a little down here.  Idk I’ll think about it all.

I’m going to send this real fast on account of the power outages.

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