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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Letter #12

Things have been going as normal.  Just work that doesn't feel like work but that is tiring.  This mission is actually a lot more how I pictured it now.  Just a couple of punk kids going around trying to preach the word.  Really we can only do our best as kids trying to be men and leave the rest to God.

I have been able to really figure out how to live here with the money that I have for the month!  I know what food to buy and where to buy and at what price.  I basically eat like a king every breakfast.  I have some cereal, bread, banana, PB and J with pineapple jelly, eggs if I feel like it, and some orange juice stuff.  Everything here is super cheap.  I get caught up in buying something that is like 10 Q and think that it is a ton!  But really that is like 1.50 in USD.  It is nice knowing what I need to get so that I dont have to bug my comp who doesnt want to be bugged for silly things like which cereal is better.  The bus fair is easier to pay for aswell.  I dont need to really ask for prices all that much anymore.  Besides if I do, I will probably get ripped off by one of the bus drivers.

I love my timbuk2 bag.  The thing is just great haha.  My things do not get wet even in the worst of rain.  That is a huge advantage when I have to lug around a lot of very important books and papers.  Also the shoulder bag thing is actually quite comfortable to me.  Most of the missionaries out here just use backpacks.  

Today was our zones chance to go down to Xela and get goods from Walmart.  That place is a Godsent haha.  I just love how there is variety and sooo much stuff.  I regret every time that I didn't go out to the store with my parents when they asked me to.  

This week I am living in a trio.  A companionship in the area next to ours was broken up early because one of them is going to be secratary in Xela.  He had to leave early in order to learn all about how to do his new job.  We are left to cover two pretty huge areas with just 3 missionaries.  Really we are just working Chirijox haha.  The missionary that is visiting us is named Elder Chudleigh.  He is from Idaho and is quite a cool kid.  It is nice having a third person around.  Especially someone who can understand english well.  I try to speak spanish when I can but English is just so comfortable.  I also think that Elder Mar's english is getting a lot better now that he can just listen to us talk.  Mar has a test coming up to see if he is fluent in enlgish.  For that reason I try to talk to him in English when I can.

This week we actually ran into a few people that asked us to invite them to church.  They didn't end up going but it was really cool to see that there are people who can see that this church is different.  When it comes down to it this isn't even a church.  It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And so it looks a little different from what people are used too.  There are lots of Catholics and Evangelicals here.  When we ask them if they want to hear our message usually they say something like we are catholics.  I then ask them what that means.  I ask them why they are Catholic.  That seems to get them thinking.  Really religion without the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost doesn't make sense to me.  It becomes tradition and something that separates people.  Revelation and the peace of the whisperings of my spirit brother are the only  things that keep the real knowledge of Jesus Christ and the plan of our Father alive and in proper perspective.  Without this, the principles of Christianity become empty.  Just a way to live and then die.  Live and die thinking that something is true in the same way that an atheists thinks that there is no God.  Religion without revelation and atheism are the same thing.  Just presumptions.  It is a sad thing to talk about.  I want these people to really know God.  That HE in fact will SPEAK to these people.  And all they have to do a bit of homework.  That is it.  Just pray to know.  Read to know.  Go to church to know.  Live Gods laws to know.  And with this knowing comes eternal families, and eternal hope in Jesus Christ.  

I found a white guy in alaska.  That was super wierd.  He was there with the Peace Corp.  We chatted for a bit and I gave him a pamphlet about the plan of salvation.  That was the first time that I every shared the Gospel in English.  It was super wierd haha.  Good stuff though.  I probably won't ever see that guy ever again but it was a good experience.  I prayed that he would at one point read the booklet.  What are the odds that two white people would meet and talk in English in Alaska- Guatemala about God?  

The bread here is sooooo good.  We went to this place called Xela Pan today.  I felt like it was pricey until I looked the price in USD.  I bought the best bread that I have ever eaten in my life for the price of 2 dollars haha.  And I have a lot of it.  I freaken love this counrty sometimes haha!  I have some bread that is filled with jelly and some with chocolate.  I then have this bread called piedra.  That means stone.  It is super super delicious haha.

I am on the hunt for cheap stuff for christmas gifts.  I have decided that I am not going to be sending birthday gifts.  I will just send one main thing to my fam each christmas.  Sorry Fam!!  It just costs a lot to send stuff.  I am just looking for the best slingshots and the the coolest berret for a girls hair haha.  There is a lot of really cool and very traditional stuff here in Noalla.  

The Quiche here is really cool.  But in reality it is a curse for the poeple that only know that one language.  They can't get good jobs, the can't communicate with anyone outside of like a 30 mile radius.  The language is different everywhere and it really hurts everyone that didn't have the chance to be educated.  I can see this country being a super power in 100 years.  Really it has potential.  But just things like language barrier and lack of desire for education is really putting some of these families in bad places.  Basically, it is just my zone that has this issue to this extent.  There are other places where dialect is spoken but not really to this extent.  The Book of Mormon is not even translated into their language.  It is only completed up to Alma.  

Also if you guys really want to pick me up from Guatemala,  I have no clue what we would do for transportation and a place to sleep.

Oh can you guys send me the emails for Bickmore and Nick.  I wanna see how those guys are holding up.

Thanks for the support.  It is easier to serve knowing that I have such a great family back at home.  I don't need to worry all that much about you guys doing what you are supposed to do.  That is good stuff.

Time to head back to my area Chirijox.  

Love you all,

Elder Miles

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