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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Letter #11

General Conference was sooo fast.  Each session felt like 15 minutes or less.  I was kinda let down by that.  But I was not let down by the talks!  One of them made me think of you a lot.  I had written down stuff that I wanted to tell you during the talk.  I don't remember the talk or who it was from but it was about home teaching.  I'm sorry I didn't push to get out with you.  I just was a bump on a log.  I didn't even help a less active kid! In ways it is better that I didn't teach.  I have something to regret and change myself from now.  I think that the lord has his hand in that one.  There was more that I had written down but I don't have my notes with me.  I will just sum things up by saying how grateful I am to know you.  There were times when you would listen to me even though I had no clue about what I was talking about.  Especially when I talked about philosophy or gospel stuff.  Thanks for being there for me.  I know that you have to work a lot in order to support the fam.  I would say that making our time together a little smaller only made it more impactful on me.  Now only Jonny is home.  I am kinda nervous for him.  He is going to go through some pretty crappy times.  I had a hard time without my big bro.  I cant imagine how he is doing without two.  I have no clue what to do about that.

That "Meet the Mormons" movie sounds interesting.  I hope that it shows normal mormon families. The book our search for happiness talks about how understanding is essential for peace.  Hopefully that movie will help and not hinder others understanding of our church.

Love you Dad!!

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