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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Letter #10

The answers to your questions:
for breakfast it is now usually cereal and a banana.  I have found some dang cheap cookies though.  So that has been nice haha.  Lunch is taken care of by the ward.  They just hand us a list every Sunday and then we go to the members house and eat.  Usually it is a combination of two:  Soup, rice, beans, chicken, eggs.  There are always some little corn tortillas that are pretty flavorless.  They are filling though. Dinner is usually something like a banana and some bread.  We do have nachos right now though.  We eat that with some ham eggs,beans and hot sauce.

I do have running water and it is pretty clear.  This does not mean that it is safe to drink whatsoever.  We drink out of a large sealed water keg that we buy weekly.

It is a Central American mission requirement for the house to have hot showers.  This does not mean that it is a good shower.  The water smells bad when it is heated.  Also it is just a little electric heater that heats the water at the head.  so you need to have the right pressure to not get burn but still have a stream of water coming out.

My house is actually right by a pretty busy road.   It has the route to Nowala and to the capital.  so there is always just a little traffic.  Not much.  It does get somewhat annoying at night sleeping next to the highway with loud old semi trucks going down the street.

Transportation is generally bus.  They are like elementary buses from the US.  I'm actually pretty sure that they are. The seats hardly fit the people who live here.  I am huge in those seats haha.

Right now Chirijox is pretty dry of progressing investigators.  Although, we have people who will listen to us almost always.  They just don't do what we tell them to.  It is hard to see people feel the spirit and not act on it.  The people just don't understand that the gospel involves a lot of work.

Love you all!!

Elder Miles

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