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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Letter #9

Today has been exciting.  We met as a zone and did some zip line stuff.  That was fun.  I'm just going to try and send some videos and pictures really.  Just kidding the internet here really stinks! I have some pretty awesome video of me on the zip line here.  Today I have gone to Toto.  It is Totonicipan of or something like that.  I have actually been here twice now in the past 5 days.

Map of my area
I went on splitz with one of the zone leaders.  His name is Elder Babbit and he is quite the work horse.  We did a lot of tracting just because it was one of those days here when the appointments just fell through.  We ended the day buying a big pizza and eating the whole thing.  I then spent the night here in Toto.  There was a fair or something going on here so there was not really any silence in the night.  Just bomb-like fireworks and really loud music! I then woke up in the middle of the night sicker than a dog.  

I just spent the night being sick and haven't really recovered since.  I just always have a mild pain in my stomach and not much energy.  I'm happy and still go out with my comp and work hard everyday though.  I think that God is just showing me how to endure.  Push push push and then sleep.  Repeat.  I am still happy.  Always happy with being able to work.

Today I went to a canopy with my zone.  We hung out and did some zip lining.  It wasn't sketchy at all.  The lines were not very long and it was easy to slow down.  

The language is coming a little quicker than I think is normally possible.  It just comes sometimes.  It also goes away at times.  Saturday I was at an investigators house and was able to say everything that I wanted to say.  It felt so good even though it was pretty simple.  Things are coming fast.

Love you guys,

Elder Miles

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