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Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter #9 Chirijox

So today for p-day some other elders, Elder Mar and I all went out on a trip to find a waterfall in some forest type jungle just outside of Noala.  We ended up just hiking around in the rain for a long time in some of the most beautiful scenery.  Just green and dirt path.  We never found the waterfall due to a land slide that must have happened pretty recently.  The only water fall that we found was a dripping mud stream haha.  It was pretty funny to take some pictures next to that "waterfall." The trail was basically gone and so we had to turn back and just head down back to one of the elders house.  It seems that my house in chirijox is nothing compared to what some of the other elders have here.  The other guys just have bigger houses that are next to much better shops.   There is no place to buy good meat, veges, fruit, or anything in my little chirijox.  I do love the area though!  Anyways, some of the missionaries here are really good cooks.  All six of us elders enjoyed a good dinner together. We had some homemade chicken, spaghetti, and potatoes.  It was dang good to eat some food similar to that in the states.

There are about 6 little towns that my comp and I can proselyte in.  Chirijox, Patzite, and Alaska are just about the only ones that we go to.  We have so much area to cover and a lot of it is just trail.  There are plenty of people to teach though.  The things that the people think about our church is that we just give away money for attendance, we have many wives, and that we worship Joseph Smith.  It is pretty easy to let them know it is not the true but it still makes it hard to get people to talk to us about what we need to talk about.  Elder Mar doesn't seem to ever have much trouble when it comes to contacting.  I just go up to people and ask them something stupid like "¿donde esta la mejor pan?"  And after that we try to strike up friendly enough conversation to introduce ourselves as missionaries.  At times it just feels sillly, but the work is what it is.  I just loving going up and down the street and saying hi to everyone.  It just makes them smile and probably laugh at the tall gringo hanging out in chirijox.

My comp and I have two families that I think have a lot of potential.  One is in Alaska and the other is in Chirijox.  I really think that if we are able to have some more lessons we can help them make a commitment.  I really would love to be able to see this happen.  There are other families that we are able to teach and individuals inbetween but nobody is moving very quickly to the font just yet.  Just inch by inch I guess.  I am just happy to be in the work.

I have been having a hard time getting the strength to work out in the mornings ahha.  I just barely found what works for my really well.  I just do the MMA kick boxing type warm up routines in order to pump my self up.  I then can get to exercise with this bar that has 2 concrete slabs on the ends of it for weight lifting.  

I was sick for the first time on the mission on Saturday.  We got up early to help a guy to paint his house when I started to feel sick.  At this point I was a good 15 minute walk and a 15 min bus ride and another 10 minute walk from home.  I had a fever at began to be pretty sick at a members house.  I wanted to work so bad but I just didn't have the strength.  I ended making it home with the help of Elder Mar. I really don't know how I didn't just throw up in the bus or on the streets.  When we got home Elder Mar called up some other people so that he could go on splits while I was re-cooperating.  I had a fever and was in and out of bed being sooo sick.  I just basically had to wait for the day to end.  I just felt bad not being able to get to all of our appointments.  I basically felt better of Sunday, just week and dizzy at times. Today I didn't exercise other that the hike and I feel just fine right now.

Here are some interesting things about my area.  Every night there are drunk people out on the streets.  For some reason when Guates are drunk they know more English.  They just really want to talk to us and get money form the canche (white) Elder.  Im getting used to them and I am glad that I am so much bigger than every single person here.  I don't think there will be any real trouble while I am serving in Chirijox.  Thing number two, there are lots of dogs here.  It is kinda weird if you can go down a street without a dog running around.  None of the dogs have tried to attack yet but there are a lot of really sick looking dogs here.  One of them had such bad mange that my comp yelled zombi dog haha.  It was actually pretty disgusting haha.  

I feel that the spanish is coming and I am happy with the work.  It is not the same that you would expect.  I feel like a normal person.  Not just like a missionary.  I just have a desire to work and teach.  It is amazing how the Lord qualifies those who He calls.  I can't speak much spanish, I have know clue when it comes Quiche, but when I am in a spiritual lesson, there is nothing holding me back.  It is absolutley amazing.  I have been transcribing some of the best notes that I took at the CCM into one of my journals.  It is so great to just go over such relevant advice from the prophets.  

Love you guys,

Elder Miles

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