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Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter #2 MTC Guatemala City

July 30th, 2014

It is good to hear that you guys are coping! There isn't time to feel sad here.  All I can do is pray for myself and my familia.  Some words are already starting to just come into my head in spanish before english.  My stomach has been fine so far.  I've taken some medicine a few times but it was mostly for the headaches here:)   

I went to the temple today!!  It was super great.  It is pretty small but it has the exact same spirit and answers my questions just as always.  Did Grandpa Gilbert Anderson go the the temple and endowed? 

I'm having a good time with my companion and the other roommates.  We all joke around and tell stories at night and stuff.  My companion and I work hard together every day and he is super nice.  He is a good first companero.   

The humidity here is kinda rough at night.  The room gets kind of potent with eight guys working out and eating food that we are not used to, haha.  I did get to eat a hamburger here the other day though!  It was soooo good.  I haven't even been out here long but every day feels like ten when all you do is study.

So every day we have to teach a fake investigator in spanish and that is pretty hard to do sometimes.  Im trying to learn spanish as fast as I can and I just go through preach my gospel every day for as long as I can and write down every scripture in it.  There is basically no time to learn anything here other than what is being said in class.  It is hard but I guess it is the Lord's school.  In my first investigation my companero and I just kinda jumped back on the english train in order to teach by the spirit.  There is definately some extra power for the missionaries who work hard.  My moto these days is diligencia, diligencia, diligencia.  It really helps me to stay focussed and push into the work and find answers for those who I get to teach.  The more lessons I teach the more that I try to teach them in spanish.  It just gets harder and harder but I feel like I'm learning really fast.  Dad, almost all of the 12 kids in my district have written down the 55 essential verbs from the 501 verbs book.  It is super awesome.   

Jonny thanks for writing your note to me man.  It really got me to push into the work knowing how much I love you and I will work so that the whole family can have blessings.  I also work so that the house can have some of my spirit still in it.  Jonny you will not be lacking me at home for the next two years man.  Just do all the things mom and dad tell you and remember that one day you will be a missionary like your two older brothers.  How are you doing with that RHCP song man..  How is the laptop doing..  I'm gald that you got to go stay with the Taylor's in Monroe. 

Jenna I read your note and the encouragement was much appreciated.  I love you too sis.  You are going to have such a great year at school!.  I'm just going to remind you that you need to get your patriarchal blessing.  I can't stress it enough.  

Love you guys!!

Elder Joshua Miles

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