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Monday, August 4, 2014

Just arrived Guatemala City!! Letter #1

July 23, 2014

Hey Family!!  It was a pretty rough flight over here, but I made it and I'm happy! I am companions with Elder McLain! Weird how things like that turn out. I gotta tell you that I'm getting pretty tired of speaking English already.  I just want to forget it.  I want to know Spanish really badly!

The temple is right across the street from the MTC.  It is a really cool looking one and I'll be able to go through it every p- day.  My p-day will most likely be on a Tuesday.
The weather is absolutely perfect out here right now.  It hasn't rained yet and I'm actually loving the humidity. I don't think that my companion is loving it as he has said, "Everything just feels wet,"

I'm dorming  with 8 elders in my room.  We are all from the U.S.  I don't know any of the names other than my companion so i'll get you their names later.

I was promised that I would be fluent in Spanish within 4 months so that is really cool.

I have been eating a lot of fresh fruit in my meals.  I WILL get sick from it but I can't say that I care just yet.  It just tastes so dang good haha.  Fresh dragon fruit!

The bathroom facility has been super clean so far.  There are individual stalls for showers and everything.  I'm trying to figure out what else to say...

The mission leaders are super cool!  They are the Cox couple so that is cool.  They are just really nice and spiritually powerful.

I would say that I miss you guys but I don't even feel like I am gone yet.  DON'T lose sleep over me being gone.  I am happy being here so far.  People have been so nice and I have been loving the food. I love you guys still and hope that you get over me being gone quick so that you can start feeling the blessings from me being out here.

Hey Dad my feet hang off the bed just like yours did on your mission.  I like it, haha.  It gets hot so it keeps my feet cool.

Well, I only was given about 5 minutes so I just sped through all of this stuff.

Love you all!! 

Elders going to the MTC in Guatemala City.
P.S.  They took the camera so that the help in the building would not be able to steal it.  So you won't be getting pictures for a little while.

See you in TWO!!

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