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Monday, August 4, 2014

Guatemala MTC Letter #3

August 4, 2014

It is kind of weird not really talking to any girls.  Although, I pretty much expected that.  My companion and I were exploring the CCM and accidentally went up to the girls area.  For the two seconds we were there we noticed 1- carpet 2- better lighting 3- better smells 4- couches 5- better wall paint.  The ambiance wasn't nasty man smell mixed with hospital lights hahah.  

Grandma and grandpa Miles have been really good about writing me so far.  2 for 2.  My p day switches around as other missionaries come and go.  Today is not even my pday but they gave us time to write so that we can go to the market tomorrow with out delay.  My P day is Tuesday this week and next week but I don't know how exact that will be.

So I have already found some super awesome scripture cases.  I got some that actually fit my spanish bom and biblia perfectly.  They are the classic textile that you would expect haha.  I also have some hand made hand burned leather ones coming here within the next week.  on the fron there is a picture of jesus and on the back a hand burned picture of joseph smith.  Costed my about 20 usd for both of them so no worries. 

So I have been dying to get out of this place and see the world:) We are going to the market and a tourist trap map thing in the city.  I dont know what the map thing will be like but I have heard that the market is just absolutely insane.  There is supposed to be knick-knac stands as far as the eyes can see.  I will be looking for a shirt that I very much need.  It will most likely be just a soccer jersey.  I will also be looking for a few tie clips.  Sorry Jenna,  but cant send packages from here.  I will have to wait until I get out to send something cool from xela for your birthday.

The 5 "weeker" kids in my room are now 6 "weekers" and they get to leave... Im so jealous. This place definately has its purpose but it is kinda boring.  Working hard everyday without being able to share what I learn feels kinda empty but I know I'll be able to share it soon.

There is an Elder Johnson and an Elder Macfarlan in my room.  The second one lives in our stake and I think that I have seen him before.

Today for breakfast I had platinos a bean burrito thing and some eggs.  I mango drink to top it all off.

I haven't been feeling sick at all but my stomach is definately having to adjust haha.  I just eat all the food they give me and hope for the best.

I have heard that when I get to Xela (Quetzaltenango) they will give me 4 things.  A machete, slingshot, water filter, and the bomb.  A machete for brush and snakes. The slingshot for dogs.  The bomb is a pill I will get to take when I start feeling the tape worms crawling around inside me.  I guess there isn't really a way to stop the parasites from getting into your body...  Oh well, I will still have a good time.

The weather here right now is about 75 some overcast.  Perfect humidity.  It is sooo nice out here it would be worth it to come out just to feel that.  The plants are all lush green here and there are birds of paradise in some of the pots in the building.  

The driviers here are crazy and the traffic is always pretty bad just outside of the CCM.  There is also a bar/dance club thing right outside so every once in a while the music gets pretty loud.  I heard a guy singing on a stage from a different builing close by.  He was singing nothing other that the Beatles:)  It was pretty funny hearing him struggle with the pronouciation of the word "Help".  There is absolutely no music aloud here in the CCM.  No ipods or anything.  Just singing hymns every now and again.  Sometimes I try to get songs from my paspt life stuck in my head but with all of the spanish practice I just end up trying to translate it haha.  I have really tried to work sooo hard. Yesterday, I was just puching through reading the spanish Book of Mormon out loud and I just fell asleep.  It was so weird.  I didnt ever realize my head was down until I woke up because it was time to go back to meetings after my 30 minute nap...  Happens to everyone at some point or another I suppose.

I get to go to the temple every week and it is always a really great experience.  I've seen all of the new things now. The last one that I saw was definately the best. I hear from one of the xela kids that the temple there is bigger and even nicer than this one in the city.  I'm pretty stoked.

I guess this is it for this week.  God lives.  Amen

Love, Elder Joshua Miles

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